Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hi ladies!!! :):):)

Did you have a happy day yesterday? We did !!! I am warning you now that I ate alot of chocolate and I don't feel bad at ALL :):).I planned on it!!

Breakfast- Juice
Lunch-1 lg piece of breakfast pizza on a hm crust (sausage/sauce/eggs/cheese)
Supper-1.5 ham and cheese HOT POCKETS lol
Dessert......Turtles,truffles,1/2 glass of wine

Exercise-1 hour......(1/2 hr lower body strengthening 1/2 hr dancing)
Tea- none (I am just NOT getting this in!!!!!)

I got Hot Pockets because Scott and I used to really like them and we just wanted something SIMPLE for supper that we could eat in our bedroom......They were ham and cheese and here I go again.....NASTY.I could not believe the texture of the cheese.Now I have never been a large,store bought Hot Pocket eater.I have only ever eaten them a handful of times in my LIFE but I always liked them before......

The chocolate was DELICIOUS though and I ate ALOT of it.....Oh....Probably a dozen turtles(a little larger than quarter size) and 2-3 truffles.

Today my weight was lower than it was yesterday so I was glad about that......

Right now I am eating a HUGE salad and it tastes SO good.I had my morning juice AND I exercised for an HOUR.(1/2 hr upper body strengthening and 1/2 hr dancing)

I hope everyone is feeling ENCOURAGED today!! I am!!! I am very close to reaching my first goal!! :):):) That is SOOOO exciting to me!!!!


I was talking to Scott on the phone today and telling him why I KNOW I will succeed this time......It is because I truly feel that it would be WRONG for me to eat/live like I have been eating/living in the past.I never thought that before.I do now.It is a bad example of a christian,wife AND mother in sooo many ways.

I am asking the Lord to help me.

He is!

Come on ladies!!

Do you want to be the picture of someone who can't control what she puts into her mouth?
Do you want to be so lazy as to not exercise?
Do you want to show other girls that being a mother of many children = being overweight/out of shape?
Do you think it is right towards your husband to let your body go because of lack of self control?

Yes,my husband loves me too just the way I am.He has never complained about my weight.That said,I sure do appreciate HIS body.I wouldn't jump up and down if he gained 50 or 100 lbs.Sure I would still love him but I sure do appreciate him keeping himself fit.

If I had gained this weight from lack of knowledge or from a health problem etc. etc. that would be entirely different.That's not the case with me though! I fully admit that it is because of my total lack of self control!

I am so excited to be living like I KNOW I should live!

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  1. Hi Angie! You are doing so good and motivating me too! I was going to ask... how long does it take you to walk 5 miles? And how do you deal with the sweaty stinky feeling after exercising? Being alone with littles all day makes for limited shower time, lol, and I don't like smelling like a locker room when dh comes home.