Monday, February 6, 2012

I also forgot to add one more thing......


Scott told me that I am looking much thinner lately! He said he doesn't know if it is the inches,pounds, or what but that I am definitley looking alot thinner! Yippee!!


  1. That is great! That would feel so good to hear that from your husband... meaning to hear it from your OWN husband. LOL!

  2. yes, that is very encouraging!

    My dh told me that recently too! :)

  3. That IS encouraging Angie! I am not doing the juice thing but you have encouraged me to get back to only having a green smoothie in the mornings. Seems like when I get off of that my weight comes back on, but comes off easier when I am doing that!
    Check in when you can. I am thinking of you!

  4. Where oh where is Angie been.....oh where oh where could she be lol