Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday! Weigh in day!

I am down.........Not as much as before BUT I am down a WHOLE pound.:)

So 222

I was sort of bummed at first but I am not anymore.A pound is a pound! Atleast the scales did not stay the same or even worse......go UP!

I also ate more chocolate than I had been eating because of Valentines Day so a pound is pretty good!

The weekend was good.......I had my juice on Saturday but forgot on Sunday.....BUT I did still "fast" until well afternoon.I only had water......Dh had me get doughnuts in town and I didn't even have one when everyone else did! I did have one later but ONLY one.Date night supper was Parmesean Chicken with alfredo,angel hair,garlic toast and a large salad.FANTASTIC!!! We had some chocolate for dessert but not much.

Last night we had brownies and ice cream though so that was another reason I was still happy with a whole pound! :):)

Then today I unexpectantly got our chicks!! I did not even get to my juice so.......fasted again until afternoon but only on water.

I got LOTS of exercise in over the weekend walking with my sweetheart in the woods AND mucking out our barn!

My 5 miles for today are done along with my 5 min of my ab work,Today is the day I start my 10 min per day ab work.I am excited about that.

A few aditional changes I am making......

Along with keeping the juicing up I am going to:

Make lunch my largest meal and try to eat lighter at supper.
Part of that is to drink a super healthy smoothie at 4:00 to help decrease my appetite.
I want to try to not eat much past 7:00 on most nights.There will be some exceptions if dh and I stay up etc.
My 10 min ab work.........(5 min 2X daily)
TEA.....I want to get my green tea in!!!

So thats my update!!!! How did everyone else do???????


  1. That is wonderful your scales at least went down and not up! Mine went up a pound...

    Enjoy your chicks, they are so cute until they start getting their feather. :D

  2. Sunds great Angie!
    My desktop is messed up and it's so hard to update my blog from the iPad. I'm doing ok...just ok.
    But I'm keepin on!