Friday, February 3, 2012


I have had some major things going on here so I have not updated.I will say that I could really use your prayers and I don't ever say that lightly.

I have been doing great although I did not exercise yesterday.I am not exercising today either,or for the rest of the wekeend.

I have been eating great and I am losing weight.I have continued my juice fasting for the first part of the day.It is super easy.....Not even a challenge whatsoever, and the weight is literally falling off.I started Monday at 230 and this morning I was down to 224.4.

I am eating PLENTY.I am even having desserts in moderation.I am eating loads of fruits and vegies and plenty of protein.Drinking plenty of water.

Last night we even had Pizza Hut ,Dorrittos and pop.I had 1 piece of pizza,a handful of chips and a few sips of pop.Later though,I ate almost a FULL large Symphony bar(I haven't done that for a long time.....) and I was STILL down another 1/2 a lb this morning.

Titus is fine......I feel great physically.Absolutely zero signs of detox.Plenty of milk........

I am going to go for now.I won't be updating my food journal again until Monday although it is *not* because I plan eating bad or anything.I am even going to continue the juice on SAT.

I am sorry I am not my usual peppy self.I have alot to deal with right now.I am just praying for the Lord to get me get through these trials.


  1. I have missed you so much Angie! I am so excited for you weight loss. My DH is going to go buy me a juicer right now. Yippie
    So sorry there is so much going on with you right now. I will be praying for you and your family

  2. I hope things settle down for you soon.

  3. ((((Angie))))
    Sorry to hear you have lots going on there. Praying for you!

    I'm happy for you on your weight loss!! yay!!!

  4. (((ANG))) I am SO very sorry. I'm here if you need someone to unload on. I will be praying for you in any case. :(

    I *am* glad the diet change seems to have been helping. And, I am glad it is not difficult for you.

    Big Ol' HUGS, from your un-huggy friend, me. Love ya!