Saturday, February 11, 2012

A few wonderful things!!!!!!

First wonderful thing......Yesterday I was 222.2 as I posted.I was REALLY hoping for 1/2 lb lost this morning but guess what????

220.6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have lost 5 more lbs this week already and it isn't even Monday yet!!!!!

Second wonderful thing....I stuck with my juicing today but the juice I drank was some kind of "Naked" juice from Wal-Mart.I KNOW that it is NOTHING compared to the juice I make but it is better than pop I am sure!!!!

Third wonderful thing.....I got some cookies for the children and I was going to eat one since it was past noon.I took one bite and instead of feeling my normal "I need to eat 3-4 more of these" do you know what came to my head....."I wonder if I will even be able to eat all of this......" I was TOTALLY and COMPLETELY satisfied with 1 cookie!!!!! ONE COOKIE!!

Fourth wonderful thing.....For the last several months when I run it causes me to have pain in my shins.....It always makes me feel sooooo overweight.Well,today I kind of jogged into the store and the pain is 75% gone!!!!

Fifth wonderful thing.......I have had ZERO negative symptoms of this morning fasting.I feel fantastic.I have plenty of milk and Titus seems to feel perfectly great.

Sixth wonderful thing.....I have a refrigerator FULL of produce and healthy food.I am so thankful to have such a hard working man.I have never,not in 15 years of marriage,not been able to get my groceries when it is time to shop.

Seventh wonderful thing.......Scott told me today that we have TWO cows getting ready to freshen!!!! One of them will probably be in the next week!! No more buying butter and milk!! Thank you Lord! This will be a huge savings to us and I will be SOOOO happy to have that super healthy dairy again!!!

Eighth wonderful thing......We are getting ready to order TWO HUNDRED chicks!!!! Black Jersey Giants.Scott is going to build a move able chicken pen like on *FRESH* and we are going to start implementing the chickens fertilizing our corn fields etc. At the end of the year we will sell and butcher 150 of them and have our freezer FULL of grass fed CHICKEN and keep 50 of them for laying and hatching out NEXT years chicks.

Ninth wonderful thing.......My rear end feels SERIOUSLY!!!!!! When I put my underwear on I can tell that they go up higher and fit looser lol.

Tenth wonderful thing.......Tonight is DATE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Beef nachos,chocolate delux bars,a new kind of wine cooler,3 movies (and Clear Play has filters for ALL of them otherwise we could never watch them......They are rated R and we would never watch a rated R movie normally, but with Clear Play,it turns them into rated G if you want!!!! SO neat!! I bought them on discount not knowing if they had filters.....If they would NOT have had filters it would have been a waste of money so I am soooo happy!!)

Yesterdays food log

Breakfast- JUICE
Lunch-2-3 SMALL pieces of pizza
Snack-1 piece of hm pbutter cup
Supper-2 eggs and 2 pieces of bacon
Dessert-3-4 SMALL Cowboy cookies

Attitude-GREAT!!!!!!! lol


  1. These are WONDERFUL things!!!!! I'm so happy for you!

    We are looking into maybe getting chicks this spring too. I'm really hopeful!

    I CAN'T WAIT to start juicing!!! You are soooo inspiring!!!! What produce do you keep stocked up on for juicing? Oh, and this change in your appetite, is it JUST from juicing????

    1. Yes Grace.......The ONLY change is the juicing.It has decreased my appetite all around and has made it so that most of the time I don't even WANT many sweets.I mean,don't get me wrong.......I STILL enjoy my sugar and have no intention of eliminating it entirely BUT I can't eat NEAR as much!!!!!

      I use apples,carrots,kale,lettuce,celery,brocolli,cabbage,oranges,swiss chard,beets.......ANYTHING!!!! The beets and oranges I JUST got.I have not used them yet and I am excited to give our juice a new twist these next 2 weeks!!

  2. Yeaaa Angie!! That is so great about your weight loss!! Whoo HOOO

    You and I both had the same experience buying juice (real or close) vs. soda-- that was a HUGE step for me. I don't buy soda for my house but when I go shopping our am out-- I am very bad about getting a soda.

    Now how will you handle the fresh dairy? We have 2 goats to kid THIS week and will have milk again too-- but I know REAL WONDERFUL milk does add some "fat" and I'm gonna be careful-- not go TOO overboard..although it is hard when you have that FRESH milk every day. (and of course having a goat I am not making butter so I have a lot of milk)

    I am so glad I decided to take the plunge and walk this walk with you ladies.... :) :) :) :)

    200 Chickens at one time!! WOW!! I would love to hear how you do that-- we can only do 50 at a time-- we do 2 batches of 50.

    Jucing and your appetite change-- hmmmm I did NOT expeience that today-- I was hungrier than ever today.... I think it is because I was on a HIGH FAT diet (GAPS) and I was trying to come off some of those fats (Coconut oil, tallow etc)

    1. AFA handling fresh dairy......I don't count calories. :)When I eat,it is FULL I don't believe that calories are the problem but rather,eating the WRONG kind of calories!I don't even TRY to hold back on the fat! lol Everything I eat is loaded with butter/sour cream/cheese lol.Well,maybe not EVERYTHING but ykwim.:) So THATS how I am going to handle the dairy!! :):):)

      I am SOOOOO glad you are taking this plunge too!!!! I am SO excited with you and for you!!! I am also very happy to have the extra encouragement!!!

      I will post sometime how we are going to try to do the chicken thing!!!

  3. Speaking of movies-- have you watched "Last American Cowboy"? We watched it on Netflix-- my boys LOVED IT and so did I-- I watched it 2x... it GREAT.... some of the "cowboys" let some words slip out and MOST are bleeped-- I wish it wouldn't have been there-- but it is a REAL look at REAL cowboys.... I wasn't expecting it to be as nice as it was-- but it really was a HONEST look at these cattle farmer-- oh I mean cowboys...

    1. No we have NOT watched that but maybe we will tonight!!!! It is my 6yo night with us and he woudl love it I bet!!!!! Thanks!!!!

  4. What a blessing Angie! Not only is your weight loss effecting you its effecting so many that read your blog. Great job!

    1. Thank you Heather!!!! You are so sweet and are a HUGE motivator for me!!

  5. Angie!!!!!! I'm so proud of you!!!!

    We are the same weight! You are doing sooooooo great!

    I must, I must get my rear end busy!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, it Monday. I'm ( once again) going to get serious!!!

    Oh..I wanna butcher chickens with you!!!

    1. Yes.....You get your rear busy girl!!!! :):):) I am not letting you give up and I woudl REALLY love to see you updating your BLOG!!! :):) Do this one thing......Dedicate to *atleast* posting on your blog every single thing you eat EVERY DAY.You can take 5 min to do that right? It coudl really help you out and you need to do this for you and your family! You will feel SOOO good!!!

      If you and Larry come butcher chickens with us you can HAVE SOME!!!!! lol I am sure Scott woudl agree that we woudl gladly give you some chicken for a visit!! :):):))

  6. Yes Angie! I can do that!! I will update what I eat.

  7. Lots of wonderful things, Angie!! :)

    I'm off to go milk our cow... :)