Friday, February 17, 2012


Yesterday's food
Lunch-Small salad and.........Store bought junk Thai rice noodle mix lol
Supper-Large salad and 1 bowl of hm soup-1 sm piece of bread w/ butter
Dessert-4-5 hm Almond Joys (mostly healthy)
Snack-I was soooo hungry a few hours after supper so I ate a leftover Valentines day Hot Pocket

About the Thai noodles.....I had bought two different kinds the other day.Remember that I mentioned that? This was the other package.Like I said before.......A rarity here so I don't feel bad.

I don't feel bad about the Hot Pocket either.I thought about it before hand and I was fine.We had 6 leftover and planned on eating them whenever we felt like it,We each had one last night.(I didn't finish mine....I shared 1/4 with Isaac)

Exercise-I got TONS of exercise in yesterday.I did that killer workout and THEN Scott decides that he wants me to go walking in the woods with him! We walked ALL the way down to our spring,up a huge hill and a half way around our property! (100 acres) It was QUITE a hike!!!! We have some HUGE hills....I literally had to hold onto roots/trees to pull myself etc. lol It felt great!


I wanted to also say that my little Titus is doing FINE! :):):) He is happy and a whopping 17 lbs! So he is gaining just FINE! :):):) I would post a picture if I could get some downloaded......My computer is having an issue right now and I am hoping Scott will fix it for me soon.I haven't mentioned it to him yet........

Well,it's family night! Off I go!! Be back tomorrow!!

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