Thursday, February 9, 2012


Good morning ladies!!

Guess what?

223.2 this morning!!!!!! Thats 2 lbs down so far this week.....Not as fast as it came off last week *but* I have not exercised at ALL since last Wednesday!!! I am having a REAL hard time starting to exercise again in the middle of the week and since I have had ALOT of diapers to sew,I just decided to take off until next Monday.

(BTW Brandy,my one order is sent out and I bought new fabric for your diapers and they are ALL cut out! I am sewing today!! They are sooooooooo beautiful!!!)

Anyhow........I am SO loving that the scales keep going DOWN.I have my juice every day and don't touch a bite of anything until noon.It is SO EASY.I make the juice at 6:00.I make it for both Scott and I.I drink around a pint,sometimes less.I do NOT like the taste at ALL so I just sit my juice and a big glass of water on the counter.I take a big swig of juice and then chase it down with several gulps of water.Easy!I stretch it out to last through the whole morning.

3 more lbs until I have lost 10 lbs!!

I definitely feel thinner already.Amazing how 7 lbs lost can make you feel so much thinner.


Breakfast-Juice :)
Lunch-Couple bites of ham/cheese and less than a cup of buttered beans
Snack-Green smothie with cranberries/hm yogurt/kale/bananas
Supper-1 egg/small amount of sausage and 1 piece of toast
Dessert-3 Dove chocolate squares and 1/2 a Whatchamacallit


Back to the juice again..........

I LOVE how much nutrition we are getting by drinking this juice.This morning it was loaded with Swiss Chard,kale,apples,carrots and celery.Yesterday it was all that PLUS brocolli.Imagine how GOOD it is for you!!!!

Sometimes I get pretty hungry before lunch.TRULY hungry......Not just feeling like eating food but I can tell my body is hungry.I just KNOW I burn alot of fat during this time!Ihave no intentions of stopping this for atleast a few months.We will see if I still keep feeling good and see how the baby keeps doing too but I really hope to be able to continue!

Is anyone feeling discouraged????? Don't give up!!! Keep pressing on and the weight will come off!! You just have to find out what works! Look how long it took for me to start dropping! Come on ladies!! You have to do this!

Do you want to be an example to young ladies all around that being a mother has to mean being overweight and out of shape?

Do you want to keep your body in shape for your husband?

Do you want to be able to run,jump,move and just LIVE while feeling GREAT?

Do you want to be healthy in your old age?

Come on! Don't let food have control over you.........If *I* can do it........YOU can do it!!! (Don't worry......I am not so confident that I don't pray every day for the Lord to give me the STRENGTH to keep this up.)


  1. Sounds GREAT!! I can't wait until I can start juicing again...we only use fresh veggies and fruit in season and my collards have finally petered out after going all this time. I am drooling over the seed catalogs. LOL.

    Anyway, HURRAY for you, Angie!! You're doing great!

  2. I'm just sooooooo thrilled for you!!! I'm going to be borrowing my mom's juicer and I am sooooooo excited! It encourages me to hear you say that you don't LIKE the juice, because I don't think I will either. Doesn't mean I can't do it though!

  3. You're right. Getting in all those fresh, raw vegies in every day is a great accomplishment. Major kudos to you for getting it down even though you don't like the taste. I can't imagine being able to do that myself.

  4. You're doing great! I love the new blog design too. :)

  5. Very encouraging post Angie!!! I am loving juicing as well!!! I can see the difference in my skin and hair too
    Congratulations on the incredible weight loss

  6. Good for you! You have me wondering if I should start juicing here. LOL
    You are always so upbeat!

    I'd love to see pics of your diapers. :)