Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I was happy to see the scales drop ALOT this morning again! :):) We will see what they say Monday though! lol I am SOOOOO close to reaching my first goal of 217! When I reach it,that will be Titus' weight G.O.N.E!!! Then just 6 more children's weight to lose lol......

Yesterdays food
Lunch-Cabbage/sausage/rice (2 cups)
Snack-1/2 of a nutterbutter sandwich
Supper-2 eggs and 1 piece toast

Exercise-NOTHING The roads were to bad to run hard for Peak 8 so I just skipped it.(Bad girl)
Tea-NONE lol
Morning and afternoon ab workout? NONE

I don't feel too bad about not getting the ab work in because it is not from laziness.It is from forgetfulness! lol I am giving myself a little mercy......Making a new habit is hard and I am not beating myself up about it because it is NOT from me telling myself "I just don't feel like doing that."

How I am feeling lately

GREAT! I am just feeling so wonderful and confident.I am much more *ok* with my body the way it is RIGHT NOW. Don't get me wrong.I am NOT ok with it the way it is right now for KEEPS lol. I am ok with it because I KNOW that barring a health problem or some crazy scenario,it will never be like this again.I am ok with it because I KNOW I am on my way to being in great shape.I am ok with it because I need to be content with what I have RIGHT NOW while at the same time,doing what I can to remedy the situation.Same body but I don't feel NEARLY as disgusted with it now that I KNOW I am NOT turning back.(With the Lord's help) I KNOW that I am getting thinner and well,it is what it is right now and I am content.I am doing what I can do and I know that I will keep cutting back/changing things.....WHATEVER IT TAKES, to get this weight off.

I am eating SO MUCH LESS sweets than I usually do.I actually feel like I have maybe changed a habit! I KNOW that I could fall back into old habits very quickly so I continue to be very careful.

My appetite is much less too........AND I am being SOOOO faithful with exercise.I am doing GREAT with doing what I OUGHT To do rather than having no self control.I thank the Lord so much for that.

I FEEL so much BETTER about myself!!!!

I am feeling pretty LONELY lately though ! lol (HINT HINT)

Is anyone still here besides Tanya?????? :):):):)

I have been chugging down gross (IMO lol) vegetable/fruit juice every day but TOMORROW I am going to juice Scott and I FRESH/STRAIGHT orange juice!!! Vegetable juice just isn't normal It is not right to be drinking celery/beet/kale/apple juice lol. Give me some orange,apple,pineapple or grape juice lol.


  1. I'm still here! And still on board! Although we've had a hiccup on our plans around here when every last one of us got a bad croup/cold. And, I keep having allergic reactions every time I vigorously exercise. (Rolling eyes) The last time, I even got hives in my mouth and my lips swelled. So dh said to take a few days off. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone, lol!

  2. I'm here!!

    Maybe everyone else is so busy exercising etc... they don't have time to post! LOL :)

    You are doing great!! I hope the scales show good numbers on Monday for you!

    Enjoy the orange juice! LOL about veggie juice, I hear you!! :)

  3. I'm here to! Glad that you are doing so great!

  4. Im here too Angie!
    The internet for my desktop had been acting up and its SUCH a pain to do things from the IPAD.

    I am still with ya..eating healthy stuff. I have been better about exercising.

    My scale was up a little..but I think its my cycle.

    I will update my blog later.

    Im SOOO glad you are feeling so great!

    When you feel good physically it really does affect how you do everything. I feel like I mother better..I am a better wife EVERYTHING.

    Im so proud of you!!