Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello ladies.........


Lunch-1/2 cup quinoa with butter
Snack-1 small/healthy/hm lemon bar
Snack-2 small pieces hm peanut butter squares
Snack-1 smoothie made with chai/milk/bananas/cranberries/oj concentrate
Supper-3 1"x3" squares of "Stuffed Hero" (see the MOMYS sandwich thread lol)
Dessert-1 cookie ball of dough and 1 cookie

Water-ALL of it
Tea-1 quart
Exercise -Peak 8

The girls and I rode the 4-wheeler out to the road where we could actually run in something that wasn't MUD and it was soooooooooooo fun! We will be doing our peak 8 like that every Tue and Fri! I LOVED getting that fresh air too.........


I am so.............SO excited and motivated ladies.I *know* I will not go back this time.Things are so much different this time for me.I have been sincerely praying to the Lord to HELP me....every day.I want to be disciplined in my life in this area so.much.I want to be a better example to my friends,daughters,sister,parents etc.I have always been passionate about health but always felt guilty for not living the way I *know* is healthy,because of lack of self control.

I don't think it is right to become obsessed with health.I don't think it is right to live out of your budget to eat "organic".I don't think it is right to be so worried about your health that you can't eat supper at a friends house with thanksgiving for whatever they have to offer.

I think it is WRONG to eat/live in a way that you KNOW is harming your body because you can't control yourself.I don't believe it is a godly example.

I am not judging anyone else at all!! I am 100% looking at myself! How could I judge anyone else when I have so failed in the past in this area?

Right now I have my 16yo sister and 2 growing daughters watching me like a hawk.I do NOT want them to think that to be a mother of many children has to mean being overweight and out of shape.

Well,I better go!!! Have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Your posts are inspiring me! How true it is... our children are watching us. I need to get back to self-control too. I have 10 weeks (ish) to go till this baby is born and then I would love to join you in some serious getting back in shape! :-)

    Stephanie (Thunderlilies on Momys)