Tuesday, December 13, 2011


October 10th my measurments were(in black) Today's (Dec 13) measurments are in red.There was so little difference that I almost erased everything.I actually did start erasing but then I decided not to.As I went on there ended up being more loss than I thought.Maybe all of the exercise is doing something even though I have not LOST anything.?

Left arm -13 1/4 ~13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4~35 1/4
Waist (belly button)- 49!!!!!!~ 47
Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-52!!!!!!~ 51
Rear- 49~49
Right upper thigh-28~28
Left calf-16!!!!!!! ~15 3/4
Bust- 42 1/2~42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-49~45
Left knee-17 3/4~16 3/4

1 comment:

  1. TWO inches off of your waist. Angie- that is a whole dress size!

    FOUR inches off of your legs... and you were worried that it wasn't doing anything!?!?!?

    I really hope you are ENcouraged and not DIScouraged. That is a HUGE difference. You are getting more lean and the work *IS* paying off. What GREAT news! (And affirmation that while the weight isn't fluctuating much... you must be gaining leaner muscle and burning fat... the more muscle you have the more fat you'll burn!)