Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday and digital scales,running......

I got some digital scales..........TOTALLY depressed that they say that I weigh 6 pounds MORE than my other scales said.......Oh well......My new weight?



Another week with no loss.......BUT it is possible that that isn't true because I can't depend on what those other scales are saying. I do know that I am getting stronger! We did a kickboxing workout today that we used to think was so hard and when we were done we looked at each other and said "THAT was not even hard!!!".It was amazing!! PLUS Scott says that he can tell I have lost.He can tell that my skirts fit differently.That was motivating.

I was super discouraged today but the NICE thing was that my discouragment brought NO thoughts of quitting.Only of how I can tweak things to do better.THAT encourages me because my biggest enemy is QUITTING.So I was very encouraged that I was not feeling like giving up.

I forget what I ate yesterday but it was not too much.I did not get all of my water in.....Oh wait.....Yes I did.BUT I only exercised for 1/2 hour.

Today I got ALL my water and tea in and exercised for a full hour! :)

My workout song list so far? lol

Lets hear it from the boy
Can't touch this
Step by Step (YES! lol NKOTB!)
Mony Mony

We have a blast dancing......

I did not keep track of my eating today.......I did not overeat on anything but I didn't have much produce.

I have kept in the limit for my sweets! TOMORROW is my free day AND date night! :)

I am VERY motivated lately by the fact that I can't even run without my shins hurting.I could not run for a long distance with comfort.How disgusting is that? I want to be limber and able to MOVE/RUN and just be in SHAPE!!!!

I have decided to give myself NO extra calories over Christmas:).I have enough already to work with and I am just going to keep it like that.I still need to post about my little SYSTEM!!! :):)

Well ladies......I am thrilled to be doing this with the both of you!!!!!

Love you! Good night!

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