Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 I am doing great today!

Breakfast- eggs/sausage and 1 piece of toast.

Snack-One cup of hot chocolate

Lunch-Didn't eat....

Supper-HM sausage/potato soup with sour cream,cheese,hm saurkraut and bread with butter.Just one small bowl.

Dessert-1 cookie

Doing excellent on water and 1 hour of exercise DONE!

I was down so 217 this morning so that is GREAT motivation!! I am really hoping to go into the weekend at 215-216 but we will see! I full expect to go UP some then during the weekend but drop down hopefully again by Tue etc. Hopefully I will just keep getting lower and lower!!! :):):)

Very excited right now that I got over the weekend without feeling discouraged or should I say,give into the discouragment:).

1 comment:

  1. Why didn't you eat lunch Ms. Schwarzbein???

    LOL! That's not normal for you, so I know you won't make a habit of skipping meals. I was just teasing.

    Great job on the water and exercise! :) You are on a real Hot Cocoa kick now, huh? I get that way, too sometimes.