Friday, December 9, 2011

It is plain to see.......

What my biggest downfall is........That SUGAR!!!!!!!

Breakfast-oats with nuts/butter and brown sugar.

Lunch-A couple cheese muffins with butter

Supper-Rice/brocolli/sausage/butter/ sourcream


A whole pack *atleast* of mini Hershey bars,a half of a king sized Snickers and a doughnut.

I have my dh to thank for the Snickers and the doughnut (I tell you that man loves to bring me chocolate lol) but I have only myself to blame for snacking on Hersheys all night.

I did drink a good amount of water and did a hard workout for 1 hour.

Clearly things have got to change as you can see that my weight is not budging.

I need to go shopping and plan meals/snacks and BUCKLE DOWN on the sugar.The sugar part is so hard for me at times.The more I eat,the more I want.

Instead of getting discouraged and upset that all the work I HAVE done is wasted because of SUGAR.I am just going to keep going......I am sure I have built muscle because I have been doing great at exercise.

I already ate to much sugar TODAY.(A doughnut and 2 mini Hersheys) Just being honest! lol Those of you who don't eat much sugar probably think thats CRAZY but those of you who are addicts like me know thats NOTHING lol.

I am NOT going to let it ruin the rest of my day.I am just going to pretend that I didn't eat it and not let it get me down.

Besides,the Hersheys are gone now.......:):):):)


  1. Yes, that is crazy sugar! But you know me... I think Tootsie Rolls are sweet! LOL! Jared and I were just talking last night about your entire FAMILY's sweet tooth. All that candy you sent home with us... we've shared 2 Smarties as a family! LOL! Everything else is still in the "treat" cupboard.

    BUT!!! Our family struggles with breads. That is OUR weakness. The one thing I'm always fighting willpower on is crescents, biscuits, bread! We each have our "trigger", if you will. Our weakness. It's good you recognize it.

    Keeping sweet treats out of the house (but for planned days) will help. I've had to limit how many breads go into our days. No more "automatic" bread with dinner. I used to ALWAYS have some kind of bread with dinner... and usually breakfast or lunch, too. Now, if I'm having a starch veggie... no bread- because I know otherwise, I'll be tempted to eat THREE biscuits (or the like)!

    I know you won't cut out ALL sugar- that would make you feel deprived... but you used to reserve it for weekends or birthdays... maybe that could be a goal!

    I'm glad you are choosing to just look ahead and go on. Even if the scale hasn't budged, you've done good for your heart with that exercise! (And maybe built some muscle, too!)

    Keep Going On!

    P.S. Oh, and I was glad to hear you want to work out while we are visiting. While I can't do an hour workout yet- and likely won't be up to that by the time we get there... I still want to walk a mile or two a day. :)

  2. LOL! On your blog list, it looks like I walked 25 "fast miles" yesterday... not 2 . 5 "fast miles"!

    Boy, could you imagine 25 miles! THAT would be an accomplishment!