Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday.....Doing better!

I finished last night off great and am doing great this morning.I am DONE weighing myself every day *atleast* until I get some better scales.

Breakfast today-1 egg and cheese tortilla with barbQ sauce
Lunch-Oats with nuts,brown sugar and lots of butter
Supper-Didn't eat yet but it will be sausage/potato soup with hm bread of some sort.I will not over eat :).

Dessert-I will have some sort of dessert but within my calorie limit.Unless I say differently,you can assume that I am always sticking within my limit! I will be SURE to admit it if I fail! lol

1 hour of exercise......DONE:):):).

Doing great on my water and tea today.I did not get all of my water in yesterday because I didn't drink much starting out.I was 1 water bottle shy........62 oz instead of 96.I did get my tea in though.!

Anyhow,my attitude today is much better.I am very happy about that.Not nearly as discouraged! AND the best thing? When I WAS discouraged I did not QUIT or FAIL at ALL!!!! I kept going in spite of how I felt!! I am very glad about that.

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  1. Sounds like it was a great day so far, Angie! That's super! :) I am so happy you didn't "give up" either. You didn't fail either. You noticed you were headed in the wrong direction and you "righted" your course! That is wonderful! :)

    Keep up the good work! I want to hear more great news tomorrow. Finish the day STRONG! :)