Saturday, December 10, 2011

What is the matter with me?

Well I know what is the matter with me......It is a total lack of will power plain and simple.

THIS is why I can never make any TRUE progress with getting in shape.Well,I can't necessarily say that.I have lost alot of weight at different times in my child bearing years but between the last few babies I have not done well at all because of THIS.

I simply need to say NO to myself.

For more than 1-2 days!!!!!!!!!

I can easily go without sugar.I have done it a multitude of times.I even did it once for an entire month.I just don't WANT to.

I can try to come up with all kinds of plans but the REAL thing that needs done is to JUST SAY NO.

I am going to keep plugging away at trying to have 100 calories per day for a sweet treat and then being free on date night.

Since I love organization, "systems" and "plans" I am going to make myself a little planner thingy.........:)I am going to give myself 12-50 calorie cards per week for sweets.Then I am going to make some extras that I can earn if I want to.At the beginning of each week I will put the 6 cards in the "Have" slot and move them into the "Used" slot as I use them lol.I will be able to earn more "Have" cards by exercising 1 hour for 1 card.That will not count the hour exercise that I do Mon-Sat.I get nothing for those hours.

This will allow flexibility if my dh brings me home a Snickers bar lol.I can eat it without feeling like I got off of my plan.Since a Snickers bar would take 5 cards that would really cut into the sweets for the rest of the week BUT I can earn more back if I want to.

I bought a bunch of salad stuff and also some high protein/fat snacks for myself.I am going to write up some meal ideas/snack ideas.

I NEED to have some kind of system/plan.Otherwise I just don't do well.

Will be back later.

Oh and I am free all day SAT.I will have ZERO guilt for anything anything eaten on SAT and I PLAN on enjoying it.I will have to EARN any extra sweets for family night or Sundays.Thats just the way it is going to have to be.

I have no food journal to report.Lets just say that I didn't do terrible but I didn't do well either.I did just the way I NORMALLY do which is what keeps me at this weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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