Sunday, December 4, 2011

How I am feeling today (Sunday)

Motivated!! It is nice to not feel discouraged after a weekend.Well,the weekend is not over with yet but the fact that I did SO good all week with eating AND that I got SO much exercise in (ESPECIALLY THAT 2 hours on FRIDAY!) made it so that I don't feel discouraged by eating more sweets this weekend!That is exactly the way that I wanted it.Getting discouraged is one of the biggest reasons I fail!I am going to aim to weigh myself everyday.I like that idea.It helps keep me focused.I don't mind that my weight is higher today.I fully expect it to be up a little on Sun/Mon.

When I put my skirt on FRI night it was definitely looser and that was neat!

I am going to really concentrate on drinking lots of water today and some tea too.I need to do better on the tea.I am also going to make sure that I just stay AWARE.Keeping a food journal really helps me with this.

I decided that I am not going to exercise today to make up for not getting exercise in yesterday.I need to have Sundays off for SURE.Otherwise I will always be "making up" on Sundays.If I don't get my exercise in on SAT I will just miss it.

I am off for now! I am going to drink some water,clean up a little bit and then help my girls with a gift exchange AND address a bunch of Christmas cards! :):)

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  1. Having your skirt feel looser is a HUGE motivator! Great work! I am so glad you are motivated! It helps keep me (who cannot exercise quite as much yet)... to stay motivated and keep working toward my own fitness goals.

    I think not using Sunday as a "make up" day for exercise is a great idea! You DO need a day off... and if you always think you could just use Sunday as a "make-up" day, it might give you an excuse to not exercise a day. KWIM?

    Keep up the good work! :)