Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hello to my many readers!!!!!

ROFLOL (I should say....."Hi Brandy" !)

I am doing flips here! :) Forget jumping up and down lol,I am doing flips! :) Thats how good I feel! :)


Breakfast-2 eggs,2 (small) pieces of toast w/butter
Lunch-1 tortilla loaded with salad,2 meatballs,2-3 small slices of cheese and 1 cookie
Supper-1 tortilla with 3 eggs/cheese and mayo

I should add that everyone else had a treat for supper......Pancakes.I didn't have even ONE because they were made with all white flour(Not what we usually do but I didn't feel like having Silas grind wheat) and just not enough protein.I decided to pass.:)

Dessert-One small brownie and I can't tell you how much more I wanted to eat! lol Very proud of myself!!

Water-96 oz
Tea-32 oz Green tea + Cammomile ( tea is always unsweetened)

Exercise......1 hour and 20 minutes!!! :):):) Kick boxing/Tae Bo and dancing

TODAY (Thursday)

Breakfast- 2-3 eggs with ketchup and 1 small pancake with a small amount of syrup.I didn't even really WANT the pancake but since it was served to me I ate it :).

Lunch-Nothing.....Busy day trying to get a HUGE grocery list made and then I balanced my check book.I also didn't have anything I wanted to eat or I would have ate.I have PLENTY to eat now lol.Does anyone ever feel guilty for spending so much of your dh's hard earned money on so many groceries? lol I do!

Supper-Kind of junky......FROZEN pizza and chips.Bugels actually.I had 3 pieces of pizza but 2 of them were the really thin crust.BUT I had a large salad with it (Ranch dressing) and only 1 handful of chips.

Everyone else had pop but I didn't have a drop.:)

Also NO dessert! :)

The bad thing is that we didn't exercise a stitch!!!!

Water wasn't the greatest either....When I finish my water bottle tonight I will have 50 oz (and I am almost done).

Tea 32 oz of green tea

Doing great!!!!! I hardly craved sugar at ALL today.A breeze.

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  1. Wow Angie! You have been doing great! So proud of you on your brownie. Did you use your points? (NO cheating... I'm holding you to it!)

    Well... on the exercise... just make sure you get some in today. Don't worry about yesterday. You don't have yesterday anyway... just today and (maybe) tomorrow!

    Really though... you have been having a WONDERFUL week! I'm so happy for you!

    LOL! About your many readers! I'm not sure if I like being with very few... ahem... one reader... or if I'd feel better having lots cheer me on. LOL! I think a cheer is a cheer, though!

    (And Jared pays the bill so I don't have a clue how much we spend... but I see the prices as I throw things into the cart, and yes- I *do* think of all the hard earned money seems to just be floating away!) :(