Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday and Monday

I didn't keep full journals for either day.I will say that they were not GREAT days but not terrible either.Probably the kind of days that I would not lose much weight on though.

Sunday I ate 2-3 pieces of cheesecake...I know.....
Calorie wise I didn't do to bad lol as I didn't eat much else other than an egg/cheese/sausage burrito.
I didn't drink as much as I wanted either.

Oh well.

Today (Monday) I had:

Breakfast-Rolled oats with nuts/butter and brown sugar
Lunch-3 bbQ biscuits with hamburger and cheese
Supper-Several bites of baked potato with home made saurkraut/onions/cheese/sour cream/butter etc.

Dessert-5-6 squares of Symphony bar

THEN I even had 1/2 cup of hot chocolate and a few bites of cherrios.

Oh and I had a couple of bites of cheesecake too......

and the worse thing?


Tomorrow is a new day though and I plan on starting it wonderfully *including* food journaling!! I need to get my measurments posted too.It is kind of embarrassing because this blog is public and there could be some people come to it that I don't want to know my measurments but oh well.I really don't care what anyone else thinks except for my husband and I don't feel like making this blog private.:)

How do I feel? Motivated...........So what if I didn't do EXCELLENT for a couple days in a row? I was just reading one persons success the other day and they took the entire weekend off and still lost tons of weight! So I am sure it won't hurt me.

I do want to try and post to this blog every day if possible.

I also want to post some "skinny" pictures of myself in the side bar to motivate me! :)

Good night!

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  1. Great Attitude on the Weekend. I am so glad to see you stay motivated. I am sure that weight loss helped. That's SUPER! Looks like you are doing great today (Tuesday) so far. Keep up the good work! Maybe you *WILL* see more weight loss before then. What a treat that will be! :)