Sunday, December 25, 2011

My "sugar" plan

So there you see it! :) My fancy little planner lol.Every Sunday morning I get 600 "free" sugar calories to put into the "have" pocket on the left for the whole week.The pocket on the right is to hold the calories that are used up.The ONLY calories that are counted are dessert calories and it does not inclued say,brown sugar on my oats.I am not counting those sugar calories because that is not my problem area.Also,when figuring up the calories in a dessert I do not count the wholesome ingredients.Only the junk ingredients.For example,if I eat a store bought doughnut ALL of the calories are counted but if I eat a homemade oatmeal cookie I would only count the calories from the white flour/sugar and chocolate chips etc.I would not count calories from the oats/butter.

Next :).........I can EARN calories several different ways.The following things will all earn me 50 calories.

1/2 hour exercise

 Drinking all of my water and tea for the day.

Getting outside to breath fresh air for 1/2 hour a day.

I can only earn the water and fresh air calories ONCE per day but I can earn as many as I want from exercising each day.I also get another 50 on FRI evening if I have 6 hours of exercise in AND I get 25 at the end of every day that I don't eat any white flour.

It is working great for me!!!!! It REALLY motivates me to get all of my water/tea in AND get fresh air.My FULL plan is to make sure to provide my body with ALL of the things it needs to be healthy.Not just eating but everything.A body needs to be fed nutritious fuel,plenty of water,it needs exercise,fresh air and sleep.I am concentrating on HEALTH and I know that in turn, I WILL lose weight.Getting those extra sweet calories is very motivating to me to get in my water/exercise etc.The sweet calories that I am consuming in this plan are NOTHING compared to what I usually eat.NOTHING.Oh and I forgot to add that I am completely free on SATURDAYS.I can eat what I want.BUT I still get to bank up free calories for the next week.That helps me stay motivated to still get in my water and exercise on Saturdays which in turn helps me to NOT be discouraged at all about my free day!

This is REALLY working out great for me!!!!!!

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