Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Proud of myself!

I have not eaten any sweets all day except for one chocolate chip! lol

AND THE BEST PART? I have 2 cards that I am able to use which equals 100 calories and I am not even going to use them! I just ate some cheese curds instead and am going to have a stick of gum.

Today was really excellent.

Breakfast-Sausage/eggs and 1 piece of toast
Lunch-Large salad with sunflowerseeds, a few cheesecurds,1 piece of toast with butter and ranch dressing.
Supper-Meatballs,small amount of rice and large salad.

I had my coffee with dh and it had sugar/cream but I am not counting that.I will have coffee when I want because I only have very small amounts and it just isn't a problem.

I exercised for an hour! Kickboxing and Taebo.......

I drank all my water and tea!

Very tickled tonight over the good day!

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  1. So happy to see ANOTHER Excellent Day! Keep up the good work! :)