Sunday, December 11, 2011


I am really excited about my plan.

REALLY excited.

This week,one of my goals is to get skinny pictures of myself posted on the sidebar here on my blog.I also want to find as many OTHER motivating things as I can to put their.I need to be able to see and hear things EVERY day that keep me motivated.If I keep the right mentality NOTHING can tempt me.I have been their lots of times.Sugar is NOTHING for me to resist with the right mentality.

I will post a picture of my little folder sometime........It is really neat:).

My dh is even talking about getting into better shape.He is not overweight at ALL and is still cut and looks fantastic but he says he is not in the shape he used to be when he was wrestling.I am PERFECTLY happy with how he looks but would love to have him as a workout buddy!!!!!!!!!! lol

So........It is the end of week two and I have gotten NO WHERE.Hopefully I won't be saying the same thing at the end of week 4!

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  1. Yay for workout buddies. (Maybe Scott can encourage MY hubby when he sees Scott trying to be more healthy!) Jared actually has lost weight... but not because he's given up his soda... because he's lifting more and throwing more at work. LOL! Wish it were that easy for ME to drop weight!