Monday, December 19, 2011

Depressing weigh in........

Monday.......My weight after ALL that exercise and excellent eating/drinking last week?



I was very discouraged and then had a BAD first part of the day with so MANY,MANY things to do.It took me until 2:00 to decide to exercise.I wasn't going to.I didn't want to at ALL.It just DID NOT seem like I had "the time" to exercise.I so badly wanted to tell myself and the girls "We just don't have time to exercise today......."

I DID not do it though! I forced myself to just START and we got 1 hour in!

I am feeling more motivated now.More encouraged.I KNOW..............I KNOW that if I keep this up,I WILL lose.I have NO idea why I am not down today in weight.I do need a new set of scales.I can stand on my scale,get a reading,get off,stand back on again and it will be 5 lbs different.I want to get a set of digital scales and SOON.

When I felt like NOT exercising today I realized that I needed to do the exact OPPOSITE of that in order to get results.I am very proud of myself! I sure hope I get some better results next week BUT if I don't,I will not QUIT.I may revamp my plan if I need to but I will not go backwards.

Breakfast today- Crockpot oats with walnuts
Lunch-Not much of anything...Oh I did have a handful of peanuts.
I had a few very small sweet snacks (all within my plan) like 1/4 cup hot chocolate,1 cookie and a HALF of a truffle lol.I guess that was a BIG accomplishment compared to what I would usually eat.....

Supper-Didn't eat yet but I plan on eating venison backstraps,baked potatoes and salad.Maybe a little sweets for dessert but definitely staying in my limit.

Well,bye for now!

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  1. A digital scale makes ALL the difference. I have a scale identical to yours, and I ended up giving it to the children because it did EXACTLY what you are saying it did. :( My digital scale will sometimes give two different readings (for some reason, the first time I hop on, it's always off by two pounds), but if I step on/off it a few times, by the second and third time, the numbers are usually exact to the tenth of a pound. So, I take that as my "weight".

    Also, consider that it's very probably that you are gaining muscle while losing fat. Once your muscles are more conditioned, it should help to burn more fat... and the weight will come off. :)

    I am SOOOO proud of you for exercising. It is EXACTLY what you need... it helps chase the blahs away... AND it keeps you motivated. I know that if I just "give up" for the day- my whole day gets ruined. But, even if I start a day wrong... the exercise can keep me motivated to do well the rest of the day! Great Job!

    (And I want to see LESS of you skipping meals. You don't need to get into that habit. It's a HARD one to break.)