Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday and doing great!

Breakfast-Oats/nuts/peanut butter and bronw sugar
Lunch 1.5 sausage/BBQ tortillas

I just exercised for 1 hour.We did a HARD workout  today!!!! Tae BO for almost an hour and then we danced the rest.Billy Blanks is rough lol.It feels SOOOOOO good to have done it though!!!

I have to admit to doing pretty amazing last night lol.

Scott brought me home a Snickers!!!!! Guess what? I had the calories in my folder to be able to eat it!! It was SO wonderful!! BUT it  took all of my calories lol.

Anyhow,after that I had to BAKE! Chocolate fudge cookies with mint filling,butterscotch/chocolate scones and butter pecan fudge!!!!!


THEN.......(drum roll please)........THEN......

This morning, I woke up to pack Scott's lunch and pack up the goodies for his work and I was sooooo SO craving sweets.I could NOT believe that I couldn't eat any!!!!!!!

I didn't though!!!!! :):)

I am very happy with myself.I know........I KNOW that if I keep this up I will lose.I KNOW it.It is such a HUGE difference in what I usually do/eat/drink that I simply HAVE to lose.

I can't wait to get my digital scales (next time I go to town).

I REALLY need to get a picture of my little system up here.I need to put that on my list and just get it done.I want to try to do that today.


  1. Been waiting for you to update! LOL!

    GREAT Job on resisting those sweets! The more you resist them, the more your palate will change. One day, you'll be surprised that you walked right past them and didn't even notice they were there! Keep up the great work! :)

    I love Billy Blanks. Wish I still had my VHS so I could work out with him... (but since I don't- I'd rather have more walking workouts than Tae-Bo... so I'd probably not buy the Tae-Bo DVD's anyway. LOL!) It *is* fun though... and I always felt like it was a great workout!

  2. Hello... *waves both arm in the air*... it's been two days... how are you doing? I hope no news has been good news? You've gotta check in lady! :) (How's that for accountability!)