Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well,I did excellent yesterday! That was 2 days in a row Brandy!

Breakfast-1/2 a roll with sausage and egg
Lunch-I can't remember what I had for lunch but it wans't bad lol
Supper-small amount of rice,2 meatballs and a BIG salad!

I finally got my salad made!!!! I now have a huge salad for the rest of the week for my lunches (And even suppers if I want).

Dessert......Well,Lets put it this way,I don't have any cards left for the rest of the week!How pathetic is THAT.PLUS......Here is where I did alittle bad,PLUS I went over last night and ate a few cookies.It was Tobias' night and he made his cowboy cookies.What I used most of my cards for were truffles.....I didn't even eat that many.They just have alot of calories.I guess I will have to earn the rest of my sweets this week.:)

I exercised for an hour! Hard,heart pounding,kickboxing/cardio.

I drank ALL my water and even some tea!

I am motivated to have a great day today.......

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  1. Great Job Angie! :) Me thinks though... that you might need to find treats/desserts that aren't high calorie. :) No cheating now... for the rest of the week... no treat unless you've earned the calories for it! Holding you to it!