Wednesday, December 7, 2011


That this day did not exist!!!!!!

For startes,I got TOTALLY off schedule this morning when my Mom and Dad called.I almost NEVER get to talk to Dad and we talked for probably 1.5 hours about alot of wonderful things....It was an excellent conversation but left me TOTALLY behind which meant that I didn't exercise and I got completely behind on my drinking.

THEN my sweet husband brought me home a KING size Snickers.Can you believe that? I asked him if he wanted me to STAY this size lol.He said yes and then he said he wanted to add more on lol.He was just kidding of course......:)

Besides that I had 2 cookies this morning when I got up and I snacked all day here and there on these peanut bars I made.They don't have any processed sugar so thats one good thing.They have honey and maple syrup.Well,they did have chocolate chips sprinkled on the top.......Anyhow they were packed with oats/flax seed/sesame seed and nuts etc.Not too unhealthy (I got it RIGHT didn't I Brandy????? lol).

THEN I had a chocolate from the co-op after I got my two front teeth fixed today! YES! They are fixed! So that it is one great thing!

THEN :):):) I didn't even food journal today.I will not even try to hide that it was a bad day though! A very bad day afa sugar.I ate rice/brocolli and pork for supper.A very small amount.I am going to try to drink some tea tonight and more water to help a little but.

AND I didn't even exercise!!!!!!!!!

So yes,I am going to pretend this day did not happen! lol

Back at it tomorrow!

I am not discouraged........

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  1. LOL! Yes, you got "too" right this time. I try not to be the grammar police... but I also don't want you to embarrass yourself. *wink*

    You tell Scott to STOP SABOTAGING your efforts! Blame it all on him! Just kidding.

    Well, so today wasn't the greatest. You have been doing wonderful... and I know you'll get back to it tomorrow! Don't get discouraged... keep on going.

    (Oh... and Jared brought home a King Sized Cookies and Cream bar for me... but that will take me WEEKS to eat unless I give most of it away... which I usually do. I sure hope our dear hubby's aren't in cohorts with one another! LOL! Just kidding!)

    Tomorrow is a new day! You'll do great!