Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday and I cheated

I want to admit to cheating on family night (Fri night).I had enough calories for 3 oatmeal cookies (no flour cookies).They were pretty nutritious cookies but still.....I ended up eating my 3 cookies and then throughout the rest of the night I ate a few bites of cookies dough and then......................

THREE more cookies..........Yes.That is the first time I have cheated.Next time I am going to mkae sure I have more calories available for family night.Oh well.It is done and atleast it wasn't really THAT bad because they were fairly healthy cookies.

SATURDAY- My free day and I didn't eat NEAR the sweets that I usually do.I mean,I ate alot......:) I completely enjoyed myself :) but I found that I simply couldn't eat as much and didn't have the craving for them as bad as usual.You know the other neat thing? I figured that I was going to have a hard time on Sudays with sugar cravings after eating more sugar on Saturdays..........I don't.I am perfectly FINE and always ready to get back at it on Sundays.The REALLY nice thing about my plan is that I don't feel deprived at all.I know that I can have sweets whenever I want! (As long as I have the calories for it saved) It REALLY helps!

Today is Sunday.......

Breakfast-Salad with a piece of cheese toast and one oatmeal/butterscotch chip muffin
Lunch-Salad with chicken alfredo and pasta
Supper will be soup and corn bread.

I got a 1/2 hour of fresh air in also and that felt really good! :)

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  1. You still sound like you are doing great! I love your little organizer! What a neat idea!
    Sorry about the digital scale! I am hoping to get one soon. My mother in law has one so I got on it Friday night. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! But, I really want to be realistic. I would rather think my weight at it's highest than to think I weigh less than I really do, iykwim?
    Enjoy your time with Brandy! Report to let me know how you did ;).