Friday, January 20, 2012

I'm back!!!!!

First I want to start with yesterday...........I did great until I ate SEVERAL cookies last night.They were SMALL cookies and half fresh ground wheat and lots of oats too.No white flour but STILL.

That does NOT put a damper on my enthusiasm though as I made up for it toda by eating GREAT aaaaaaaaaaaaaand......

I walked my 10 miles!!!! I am so proud of myself! My calves are sore and I am sure I will be even more sore tomorrow but thats great! I did not do it all at once....I did 2-1-2-2-3

(I had 1/2 a cookie when packing Scott's lunch too in the early AM)
Brunch today was a small green smoothie and loaded salad.(Plenty of cheese/nuts/vegies and olive oil)
Snack -25 chocolate chips
Supper-Small bowl of sausage soup with hm saurkraut and sour cream/cheese
Snack-3 bites of brownie batter
Dessert-This is the amazing part.I ate 1 small brownie with 1/2 cup ice cream and caramel sauce but guess what?I could barely finish it! It felt so rich and I just couldn't BELIEVE it.I was MORE than satisfied.....It was TOOOO much.My gut felt a little,I wouldn't say SICK at all but just not good.I didn't want ANYMORE and those last few bites were not pleasant.I was SO happy and amazed though!!

I got all of my water in but no tea and I am not drinking tea tonight but I will be drinking lots more water.I am extra thirsty today after all that walking! It took me a total of about 2 hrs and 15 min.Twenty minutes of that was jogging too.I did the fast miles with WATP.Each mile has a 2 minute boost at the end of jogging.

I feel like I am going into the weekend doing so well!!

Another change I am making is to report what I eat on Saturdays.I was going to be free from that but it really isn't that hard.I am used to it now AND I want that accountability.I want to post every.single.thing that goes into my mouth!

Super,super motivated tonight.I have been faithful at praying to the Lord earnestly for strength and to keep my mind ON being healthy.It makes such a huge difference for me.

I wanted to share some info here from Dr.Mercola.He has excellent,excellent stuff.Check out his info here about the Peak 8 program and see what you think! I am going to start doing it to some degree.......

Then there is the all important sleep issue!

Off for now! I need some more water to wash down that rich dessert! lol Honestly,it all fit into a coffee cup and it wasn't packed down!

Skipping away........Talk to you ladies tomorrow!


  1. GREAT JOB on the walking! Way to Go! I'm so happy to check in and see this!

    I don't have time to read the articles right now (family night and whatnot)... but I promise to come back and read tomorrow.

    Your palate for sweets is changing! Do you know what that means Angie? Less desire for the once tricky sweets! :) One day, you'll find that you don't really even care for sweets! (Well, even if that is a stretch for you... I don't doubt it couldn't happen! *wink*) I know exactly what you mean when you describe that indescribable feeling in your stomach when you were getting through the dessert. It's how I feel about sweets when I eat them... not SICK... but yucky feeling.

    I am SOOO happy for you! And the only thing I would suggest... when you feel that yucky feeling... instead of suffering through it and finishing your dessert- pass it off to one of the children. They won't mind, and it will make you feel better! :)

    Keep up the good work this weekend!

  2. My thoughts on the articles...

    The article about sugar makes sense. I learned about that with the diabetic diet. When you exercise and eat afterward, you are actually supposed to test your blood and see how the sugar affects your glucose readings. I agree with the article 100%.

    I also knew that thing about the weight lifting. My husband is always trying to get me to do more weight bearing/lifting exercise. We have a Total Gym for that purpose. (One of the expensive top of the line ones.) But Jared works out in the garage with it... and well- it's -4 out tonight... I don't think it's going to happen. However, we can ALL get load bearing exercises by incorporating things into our daily lives, right? :) (You don't need fancy, expensive equipment!)

    "An extensive review of relevant research has demonstrated that the more physically active schoolchildren are, the better they do academically. " Well, duh! Look how dumb our school-aged children are these days- and the schools just keep cutting things out like physical education and recess. Okay. So seriously... I once had a wise "old-school" teacher tell me that if my children are losing focus during the school day to get them MOVING... and I am here today to tell you... IT WORKS!

    Okay... the sleep article... I agree with much of it, but I have a hard time taking seriously someone who thinks our sleep patterns are related to someone saying that "ALL life evolved in response to predictable patterns of light and darkness". Sorry. (And at least for our family... we don't usually have problems sleeping with a little light. *wink*.... We *do* keep our house cooler though. Our overnight thermostat is set for 62. So score one there! :)... A separate bedroom from my husband? Um... NO THANKS. (I'm pretty sure he'd be against that one, too! LOL!) ...."A study has shown that wearing socks reduces night wakings." Well, except for the person who is sensitive to the feel of socks on her spouse. Very irritating. (Ask me how I know! LOL!) We also use FSUV (full spectrum UV) bulbs in the winter. In both our kitchen and livingroom. Good to know we are doing something "right". :) Neat article. Can't say I agree with EVERYTHING... but it's neat to see how we already do MOST of those things naturally in our household. (And we are RARELY EVER sleep deprived in our family.) Hopefully those who suffer from lack of sleep will find some tips to take away. :)

  3. I am so excited by your commitment Angie! I think I will try to fit in 10 miles of walking too. I would love to get to the point that I can run 10 miles!!! Great job!

  4. Way to go!! I'm going for 6 make up for not getting my walking in yesterday. No time to read right now but I'll try to check those out later!