Sunday, January 15, 2012

Checking in quick!

We had a great weekend (Or,we are HAVING a great weekend! lol)

Yesterday was my free day and it was great BUT I didn't eat NEAR the sugar I usually do! :):) I couldn't even finish my cream stick! lol I ate a healthy breakfast AND supper :).I am not making a food journal because SAT is my day to be free from EVERYTHING but I will tell you our supper because it was so good! lol We had chicken alfredo (hm REAL STRAIGHT cream alfredo) but we had loads of sauteed mushrooms,green peppers and onions with it and it was so.excellent.!!!!!

Anyhow I did not exercise and I am not exercising today.No formal exercise on the weekends.Weekends are just way to busy with lots of fun stuff around here (AND work) to fit exercise in and I am fine with that .5x a week is great for me! I got ALL of my exercise in this last week which I am very proud of!

I got almost 9 hours of sleep last night! We slept in this morning......

Sunday is going to be kind of my make up day for Sat.Right now I am drinking a green smoothie LOADED with kale,cranberries,strawberries,billberry,hawthorn berries and a little OJ concentrate.I will have a salad with a little alfredo for lunch.Supper will be venison gravy over potatoes with salad.

I probably won't report in again today about the exact things I ate but I will do so tomorrow.

I had 75 spare sweet calories Fri night that I didn't even use!!!!!!! lol THAT was a first! I almost drank a 1/2 glass of Mountain Dew *just* because I could but I took on sip of it and thought "Why would I even DO this?" I am not a pop drinker and especially not a MT Dew drinker.So,I didn't even drink it! lol

I had one square of chocolate this morning with my coffee too.I forgot about that.

I can't wait to WEIGH in tomorrow!!!!!

See you all soon!


  1. You are doing GREAT Angie!!! I can't wait for you to weigh in! It looks like the changes you are making have been wise ones and ones that you can really carry out in your life. I'm so excited to watch and be a part of your journey!

  2. Great Job Angie! You are doing super! And- what a wonderful realization with your Mt. Dew moment. :) Oh... and call me naive... but how else do you make alfredo? We've ALWAYS used straight cream... ???

    Hope your Sunday is going well, and you are enjoying the time with your family. Keep up the good work. Will be fun to see how your weigh-in goes tomorrow.

  3. Sounds great, Angie!!!

    We went for a walk as a family on Saturday, so I did get some walking in otherwise I wouldn't have. It was so much more fun then the treadmill. :)

    Hope you see good numbers on the scale today.