Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday! How is everyone?

Doing wonderfully here!!!!

I just got my hour of exercise in and that feels great! 20 min of cardio/kickboxing,20 min a dance workout dvd on netflix,10 min zumba/dancing and 10 stretching.

Abigail made more lemon bars last night.Scott and I had one last night while we played Super Mario on the wii together lol.We had a blast and that lemon bar tasted so good knowing that it was a good choice.....Knowing that I had hardly any sugar that day.

When I put my skirt on this morning it buttoned much easier! I was tempted to step on the scales but I am not going to until Monday!Monday will be our day then!!!! I am super excited!!

I am not even tempted to eat anything I shouldn't and I thank the Lord for that!

I have more sugar calories available in my little planner than I ever have on a Thursday! The great thing about the way I am doing this sugar thing is that I never feel deprived.Right now I have 325 sugar calories available and if I get all of my water in I will have 50 more tonight.......I could earn more even if I got outside for some fresh air today for 1/2 hour etc.

It feels great to know that if Scott brought me home a Snickers bar I could eat it without guilt!I know that at any given time I can eat sweets if I want.It is fun to see how much I can save back though and it is not a good feeling at ALL to have nothing left in my "HAVE" pocket lol.If none of this makes sense to you,see my "Dessert plan" label.


A great thought I had yesterday.

It may take me months to lose the "evidence" of bad habits (lack of self control) from the past, but I can be a self controlled person TODAY!!!! I can have that satisfaction TODAY! Lord willing,I will never- ever- ever- go back to the way I used to be!

Last night,Scott and I were playing the wii and getting ready to go to bed and I was hungry.It wasn't really TRUE hunger but I was hungry.I said "Lets get to bed before I eat something." Then I realized what I said and I said "Nevermind.......I am NOT eating something."

I am not going to make bad decisions.I am not going to eat something because" I can't resist......".

I have more to say lol but I must stop for now! School needs done and the psewing room needs cleaned!


  1. Way to Go, Angie! I am so glad to hear you have all those sweet calories saved up! I don't know if you've EVER had that many saved up since starting your book! :) That is absolutely SUPER! And a bonus that you aren't feeling deprived either. That makes it so much easier to stick to your plan. :)

    Great thoughts about looking at today and not fretting over the future. If you stay consistent today (and as many days as you can... eventually- the future will take care of itself! :)

    I'm not going to be on the next couple of days, but I know you've got lots of others cheering you on until then. I'll catch up on Saturday (when hopefully- all are feeling better here.)

    (((HUGS))) Keep up the great work!


  2. Sounds like you're doing awesome! Monday sounds like a great day to weigh. :)

  3. Great day, Angie! So nice to hear your reports. :)