Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good evening! :)

Just checking in!

I did my peak 8 today and wow........It is SO hard.

20 minutes of torture lol.

Actually it is only FOUR minutes of torture! lol 30 sec on and 90 off.

I am really thinking this is going to make a difference for me though as I would normally NEVER push myself that hard.I am too wimpy lol.You should all try it and tell me how it is for you!!!

Warm up for 3 minutes and then go ALL out for 30 sec.Either on a tred mill,elliptical,sprinting outside,running in place......Anything you can do that is fast cardio.GO ALL OUT for the 30 sec as fast as you can go.Then recover for 90 sec.Repeat 8 times and then cool down.

Your heart rate should reach it's max by the end of the last session and your max is 220-your age.Apparently I am not pushing myself hard enough because I can't get my heart past 160.

I can't wait until I can sprint outside but that will have to wait until I get some good shoes! Any recommendations!? Dh gave me the go ahead! I would love to be able to get them from Zappos because I love their customer service but give me any suggestions that you might have!

Todays food.........

Breakfast-1 coffee mug of oatmeal with 2 TB peanut butter and 1 TB sugar. Snack-1 hm muffin with butter

Lunch-2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast.

Snack-2 TB chocolate/peanut butter

Supper-2 cups of brown rice/vegies/cheese

The peanut butter oats are a favorite of min but I have been refraining because of the sugar.It is definitley going to only be a once in a while thing *although* today I only put 1 TB of dark brown sugar on it.That is HALF of what I usually use!

I would have rather had 3 eggs and 1 piece of toast but we were out of eggs and dd made me 2 pieces of toast so I ate it.It was hm atleast.We have more eggs now! :):)

I am running very low on produce.I won't be getting anymore until the weekend.I am trying to do better at not spending so much $$ on groceries so I am using what I have until Saturday! I am having a blast planning my menu though.......

Does anyone else love planning as much as I do? It actually does wonders for me if I sit down and make a plan.lol I LOVE to plan!!!!!!!!!

I have not gotten all of my water in yet.......I just kept forgetting to drink today AND my green tea also sits over there untouched.It is ready to drink though so I need to get in as much as I can.It is only 7:00......

Well,bye for now!


  1. That workout sounds intense. Great work getting it in. I got in about 8-10 minutes of doo-wop dancing with my girlies today on our school break. It's not anywhere near what you are doing, but I was having fun At the Hop! :D

  2. Great Job! Doesn't it feel incredible to push yourself! I was doing an intense workout today and I just kept thinking I had a baby naturally this is a piece of cake! lol

  3. I think I WLL try. :) As long as I'm having a good day I like to push my heart and try to strengthen it so the bad days will be less bad. I think. LOL. If I'm having a bad day my heart rate can go over 200 just on standing. I'm hoping the exercise will really help keep that in check. I was doing pretty well since Nehemiah was born but the walking sometimes drops my blood pressure too low.

    I like having my menu planned but I HATE planning it. LOL!

  4. Great Job. I never heard of it as called "Peak 8"... but we used to do Swenson's Killers in wrestling...and it sounds VERY VERY similar to what you are describing. They were AWFUL... and rarely FULLY attainable... but it felt SOOOO good to push yourself.

    :) Keep up the faithful work!