Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feeling wonderful today!!

Ok..........Yesterdays food....

Breakfast-1 banana with peanutbutter
Snack-1 roll with butter (I protein!)
               Lunch-Salad/cottage cheese(sunflower seeds) and roll with butter
Supper-Salad/sunflower seeds/cheese/roll
Dessert-There wasn't supposed to BE any dessert but like I said last night,Scott brought us home a dessert :).I also ate a banana with Nutella (Brandy,it's a hazelnut,chocolate butter that is out of this world lol) because I was trying to stay awake with dh through a movie! Crazy thing was that I couldn't eat very much of it! Then he had ice cream and I didn't even WANT any!

The even crazier thing was that I was down another 1/2 lb today!Yesterdays total exercise was the 2 miles in the morning,1/2 hour of taebo/dancing and crunches in the afternoon and then another mile last night and stretching.

This morning I already did my two miles!I am having a green smoothie for breakfast!!

Below is a picture of me at 177.I am posting it to remind myself that I don't need to be 125 to look pretty good! :):) Also,it is motivating to know that the picture was only two years ago.

Myhair is a frizzy mess in the pic but I am not posting it for the hair! lol

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  1. WOOOO HOOO you are doing a great job! I really agree and was going to mention previously that I really think that 140 is a very low number for you! I am glad you found this pic of you!

  2. You're doing GREAT!!! I love how you are working your new habits into REAL LIFE!!!!

  3. It's a good reminder to see what even 15-25 pounds can make. The goal line seems that much more attainable when you break it down to smaller numbers. Very encouraging post today! Keep up the good work! :)

  4. So, Angie, I must know how you drink green smoothies in the dead of winter without freezing to death! The thought of drinking something that cold sounds terrible to me! I miss my smoothies but it's just TOO COLD for me! Even after I'm done working out, I cool off so quick that a smoothie doesn't even sound good!