Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday evening.....

Did great tonight at only eating the dessert I had planned and cappuccino.....Not so great at getting sleep as it is 12:42 AM but tonight was my sister's night to stay up late with us so.......

Anyhow,toniht while in the hsower with Scott....

Me- "You better enjoy seeing me this size beause you will never see me this size again!" lol
Him-"Laugh....." and then he told me that when he hugs me I feel smaller.
Me-"Do you really believe that I am going to do it this time? Lose all my weight?"
Him without hesitation......- "No."

WHAT???????? lol

Then we both started laughing.He said "Well you asked!" I gave him a hard time about that lol but I don't blame him.I asked him if he thought that I was just going to stay this weight forever and he said no but that he thought I would not lose it until I am done having all of my babies! lol I told him that by then I wouldn't even have any beauty left.I said that with each baby takes some of my beauty lol.

He said my beauty could never fade! :):):):)

He is such a sweetheart but I have news for him.......He is WRONG! lol


  1. LOL..that is so funny !!!!! I'm motivated with you!! I don't have a choic but to do this...I have to be healthy for my family!!!! How often are you going to weigh??

  2. LOL! Joe said something similar. LOL. But I'll spare you the story. I'm not doing so well on the sleep part. Joe and I almost NEVER get to bed until 10:30 or so and Fridays, of course, are later. Then Nehemiah is still nursing at least twice in the night so that takes more sleep away. Even if I nurse him in bed it's broken sleep.

  3. So sweet!!! You guys crack me up!

    No way does your beauty fade with each baby! You'll never convince me of that one!

  4. LOL! This is ONE instance where I feel it is absolutely 100% okay to PROVE your hubby wrong! :) (As far as the weight loss!)

    Jared says he absolutely believes I'll lose the weight... (as long as I don't get pregnant again for a while... but so far- my cycles haven't returned... and they USUALLY do almost right away...) When I am determined, I don't usually give up... but he doesn't think I will get my "body back" until after the babies. (Meaning the toned part...)

    I know getting sleep is one of your struggles. I don't know how to encourage you best there. It's just something you'll need to work out. :(

    Sounds like you are definitely feeling more positive lately- and that is GREAT to hear! :)

  5. I asked Scott when he WOULD believe that I was serious and his smart remark was "When you are at 125" lol

    Thats what I was when we married but I don't want to be that thin again.I mean,I looked good.I didn't look like a rail or anything but I look really good at 140.We will see though when I hit 140.I may change my mind! :):)

    Yeah Brandy.......I never like it when Scott is wrong.Even if it means *I* am right.It never gives me pleasure......BUT this time lol.I will be happy to prove him wrong! lol