Monday, January 9, 2012

NOT pregnant!

Atleast the FR was negative at this point:).

I am glad.....I would have never chosen it....
(but am I crazy to admit that I *was* just a wee bit disappointed??)

Atleast for now I can keep siked up about getting SKINNY! lol and I AM going to try to get this little Titey (Titus) to nurse more throughout  the night! lol

I simply have NOT had a chance to update today! I have good reports! I am going to go clean and work on supper and then try to slip back here before Scott gets home! Off to work as hard as I can for 1/2 hour and then hopefully I will be back to update for yesterday and today!!

Bye for now friends!!!


  1. Thank you soooooo much for updating. Of course I'm disappointed, but glad that you are excited about cruising ahead on your weight loss journey! Love you Friend!

  2. I'm ALWAYS disappointed when I get a matter what "ideal" is at the moment. But I am so excited too about getting FIT before our next baby (Lord willing).

  3. I TOTALLY and COMPLETELY understand! (((HUGS))) I actually already took a test once per dh's request. I was SO scared to take one, but relieved, and yes- even a bit disappointed that it was negative. I think it's just the Mama's heart... we would LOVE to welcome another life... and we just can't help but get excited about the possibility. Even if the "timing" (in our view) isn't right.

    I actually wake Silas up to nurse at night. He's now gotten into a routine though, so he wakes me up. He goes about 5.5-6 hours between feedings at that night feeding, but it seems to be holding off my cycles. And I get a good chunk of sleep. He doesn't even fully wake up during that feeding, and goes right back sleep. Then, he wakes up 3 hours later to eat and start his day! :)

  4. Well, I uderstand!! (((hugs))) In his time!

    For now keep working on your goals and we will cheer you on!

    Don't forget to update my link. :)