Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi ladies!! How are all of you?? Nataly I am so bummed.......I simply can't comment on your blog! Every.single.time I have tried recently my computer freezes up and I have tried alot!

I have done great today..........I went all day again without sugar UNTIL my sweetheart brought both of us home a King Size Watchamacallit lol.I don't feel bad about it though :).

My new exercise plan is nothing fancy....I was reading on on CathyG's link about exercising first thing in teh morning.....Doing 20 min cardio right away is supposed to get your metabolism revving.

So my plan is this.......

As soon as Scott walks out the door (6:30) I am going to do 2 fast miles with Leslie lol.

Then sometime during the day I will do 1/2 hr of strength training or atleast more cardio....Depending on what I want to do that day.I don't want to limit myself on what exercise I do.My only goal for exercise is to MOVE.Do SOME kind of exercise!

Then in the evening after Scott gets home I will do another fast mile and stretch.

I did my 2 miles this morning right away and it was great!! 2 miles out of the way by 7:00! Fun and quick!

I drank all of my water today (72 oz) and am getting ready to drink my quart of tea.

I thought I would post the following link for anyone who might be interested in reading some fantastic health info!!!! Another thing I am going to do is start taking coconut oil every morning.I am out right now but will be getting some next time I go to town.

Well,my honey is home and we are eating and taking a shower together......Talk to you ladies tomorrow!!

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