Friday, January 27, 2012


I know.......I know........It has been *forever* since I have updated! lol :):)

Yesterday was a *not so good* day for me.

My coffee mug full of oats with butter adn 1 TB dark brown sugar

Brown rice/eggs/vegies with butter and cream cheese

 1.5 pieces of lemon bread with butter

Here is where things went south lol.My dear sweet dh brought me home a Culvers butterburger/cheese-curd meal AND a cappuccino!!!!! lol It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! I don't feel bad at ALL about it as I have not eaten fast food in a looooooong time.I shared ALOT of my cappuccino with the children so I don't feel bad about THAT either.


Here is where I didn't do so swell......I had several pieces (small,snack size pieces.....not full pieces) of lemon bread.


I had a dish of ice cream.NOT a huge dish but not a tiny dish either.

AND I didn't even exercise.BUT the reason I did not exercise is NOT because of my laziness so thats good! Abigail had went with Scott in the truck to see what it was all about so we were going to do a Netflix-Kick box bootcamp when she got home.An hour long.BUT :) when they got home I decided not to do it because last night was our PRE date night (dh's name for it) and he wanted to start RIGHT away:).

I did get my 72 oz of water in.

I did NOT get my tea in.

So that was yesterday! Oh well! To tell you the TRUTH I could have done ALOT worse.I still made improvement compared to my *no self control* days.When Vashti made the lemon bread yesterday I could have eaten several pieces.I didn't.I could have had sweets throughout the morning and I didn't.I had a healthy breakfast and a healthy/high protein lunch.I got my water in.I did not eat a ton of ice cream.I did not skip exercise from laziness.So it wasn't ALL bad.I definitely want to make today a BETTER day to sort of make up for it.


I have 2/3 of my water down.I am saving my last water bottle for tonight and I have started my tea!
Breakfast was my regular oats and now I am eating a little more oats........about 1 cup and then I might have a little tamale pie.If I do it will be no more than 1/2 cup.

Tonight is family night.We have decided on boiled eggs and coffee cake for supper.I will eat a little and then have a large green smoothie loaded with fruit/vegies/herbs.

I will probably have a SMALL piece of whatever we have for dessert..Those are my plans and I will update tomorrow if I stuck with those plans.

My dreaded Peak 8 exercise is DONE for today! Horray!


How is everyone? I am off to check all of your blogs after I am done updating here.I have been weighing myself everyday but I am not going to update anything until Monday morning.

I am off to plan my next 2 weeks meals! Very excited about that! I have figured out that if I have the  healthy food around that I LOVE to eat I don't have any problems at ALL not snacking or eating many sweets.I LOVE healthy food.It is no sacrifice for me to eat it.I would actually choose it 95% of the time.

I will also be adding healthy desserts into this next 2 weeks.I will be posting my menu plan and some recipes soon!

Bye for now! See you tonight or atleast by tomorrow!


  1. 'Bout TIME! LOL!

    Yay for healthy desserts. We usually try to make MOST of our desserts "healthier". Of course, it isn't always... but you can make a dessert MUCH healthier just by what you do to it. (For instance, we cut out almost ALL of the sugar in our crisps and cobblers... and use whole wheat flour rather than all-purpose, making homemade frozen yogurts instead of buying stuff at the store, etc. It would be fun to share our "healthy" dessert ideas among the "group".

    I'm glad you got over yesterday, didn't get discouraged, and began today STRONG! WAY TO GO! I hope you enjoy your family night tonight. We are still trying to figure out what we are doing for dinner and dessert. But you have gotten my wheels turning! (We are thinking Chicken Poblano Enchiladas! Yum!)

    Anyway, thank you for updating. LOL!

  2. Have fun planning those meals. I also love to plan, so I completely get the excitement. :) However, I don't really enjoy cooking or working in the kitchen, so my planning tends to lie elsewhere. ;)

    Have a lovely weekend. :)