Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday! :)

Time for the weekend! I did excellent today.It feels SO good to be able to actually say I did EXCELLENT for so many days in a row.In times past there were SO many times that I started trying to lose but could never have EXCELLENT days! I was always fighting the sugar or not exercising etc. etc. Then I wouldn't lose and it was very discouraging.(I have lost weight a couple of different times successfully but most of the time I failed because I didn't stick with it.)

So I am very happy to be able to have so many wonderful days.I can honestly say that I am following my plan 100%.I don't have to say "I exercised today and got most of my water in but I ate way too much candy." or "I am doing *alright* but I haven't exercised all week.I did get my water in though!" or "Well,I haven't been doing so hot the last couple days but I am going to crack down Monday!"

That was me in the past.....Never having the will power to do this all the way.

It feels SO good to be in control of this area in my life.ALL the time.I never have moments where I just quit for a while iykwim.

It isn't that I won't ever splurge.Tomorrow is my free day ! lol I decided from the beginning that it would be a good decision for me to have a free day.THATS why I am having it.Not because I just can't handle it etc. Thats ALL the difference for me this time.A totally different mentality.I WILL take care of the body the Lord has given me.I WILL be a good example to my children and everyone around me.There is NO stopping this time.Not even if I get pregnant......

Yesterday's total food journal was.....


Breakfast-1 small wedge of breakfast casserole stuff (All healthy,hm stuff lol) 1 sm capp
Lunch-1.5 cups of pork/mashed potatoes/butter
Snack-2 cookies
Supper-1 cup sausage/eggs/cheese
Dessert-2.5 cookies

Now a little about my food......We are running out of a few groceries so that is why I lack some produce etc.(Going shopping tomorrow!).The other part of lunch got burned so I was still hungry.By the time supper came around I was starving.I decided to eat a couple of cookies because I had the calories for them AND they have no flour in them which means no WHITE flour lol.Lots of oats,peanut butter and YES some sugar,but it was really not a whole lot different than eating oats for breakfast etc.I DID think about my decision and I was fine with it.

Then I had a couple more on our "pre" date night lol.(We have a mini date night Thur night to make the weekend start a little earlier! lol Our REAL date night is SAT.)

Anyhow.....I planned on eating more sweets last night so I was perfectly fine with that.I had the calories saved back.

We did stay up late but thats ok because the weekend is here and I can get some extra sleep.

Exercise-5 fast miles!

TODAY so far........

Breakfast-2 cups brocolli,2 eggs with some cheese.DELICIOUS! 2 bites of leftover cookie
Lunch-2 eggs on a hm/wheat roll.....Actually it was HALF of a roll.(With lots of butter)
Snack-1 roll with lots of butter and cinnamon sugar.
Dessert- (Have not had either yet.....)

Water-Doing great!
Exercise......I did NOT feellike exercising but I did it anyhow! 5 FAST MILES! :):)

So thats how I did !

NATALY....Every time I try to post  to your blog my page freezes up.I have NO idea why! Does anyone else have this problem????? You are doing GREAT Nataly......!!!!


  1. Angie, tell me how you do your fast 5 miles?? I find 2 miles LONG...

    Sounds like you are doing well and very motivated! Good for you!
    God is GOOD!

  2. Tanya I do WATP 5 fast miles.It has some jogging in it too.It takes me an hour......

    1. That's a really fun workout, to boot. So it doesn't *feel* long!

  3. Great job, Angie!

    Just a note on snacks, because you're breastfeeding you SHOULD have a snack between both meals, but it will only sustain you and help you not feel hungry if it's a protein/complex carb snack, without the protein it's likely to not help you feel better. Ex: Apples and PB, cheese and triscuits, almonds and something.

    Breastfeeding mom's should expect to get hungry between meals, so we should feel good about a good snack!

  4. I agree with Cathy on the snacks. I don't snack between breakfast and lunch because ours fall so close together... but without that snack between lunch and dinner... I'd likely splurge on dinner! Great advice, Cathy!

    Also... Angie, you have REALLY got to change your font! LOL! Twenty-five cookies is a bit extravagant, don't you say? Ha Ha Ha!

    In reality, you are doing great... and your motivation helps to motivate others. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Way to Go!

    (By the way... totally off topic, but did you borrow the Incredibles DVD?) We can't find it here.)

  5. Brandy and Cathy....I completely agree about the snacks.I am actually *loosley* following the Shwarzbein Principle.Balancing everything,even snacks.Remember too that I am not cutting any calories.I eat when I am hungry.I didn't Friday because we were running low on healthy stuff and so I got quite hungry between lunch and supper.NOT because I was forcing myself to wait until supper to eat.I just didn't get around to eating a snack.