Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good morning!

I love reading all of the updates on your blogs! You are all such an encouragement to me by being so dedicated!

I did great yesterday.


Breakfast- Coffee mug of peanut butter oats and 1 TB brown sugar
Lunch-3 hm roll halves with peanut butter and chocolate peanut butter
Snack-5 corn chips
Supper-2-3 cups of brown rice and veggies with butter
Dessert-4-5 small bites of brownie batter-The same of the Butterfinger/cream cheese brownie topping.

That was as I was making it :). It is NOTHING compared to what I would normally eat while making brownies!lol

Then I had one small brownie.


Got it all.(72 oz)


None-I really need to get a tea schedule down pat


1/2 hour strength training which was 3-10 minute sessions.We did push-ups,TTapp arm raises,dips,jabs,hooks and uppercuts.We would just hit an exercise as hard and strong as we could until we couldn't do them anymore and then switch to the next.We did 8 min/break for 2 and did that 3 times.

My arms,lats.chest,shoulders and back today are killing me! Hooray! :)

Then we danced for 1/2 an hour.

I hope all of you do wonderful today! Just remember,one decision at a time.Don't put anything into your mouth without thinking about wether it is a good decision or not and if it is NOT......Don't eat it!!!!!


  1. Angie where is your protein? lol
    Excellent job with your exercise!!!

    1. Doing Good Angie! Man! Those brownies sounded GOOD! Send me one out to WA would you... no better not, that won't be good for weight loss, lol. I've lost 5-6lbs now in nearly 4 weeks. Not coming off as fast as I want it to but we're going the right direction.
      Have a WONDERFUL day with your children!! :D


  2. LOL! I thought the same thing as Heather... Where is the protein? (Apart from the peanut butter)... and where is the produce????.... Especially after you "preached it" to me the other day! (It'll always come bite ya in the bottom! *wink*) <- said in a lighthearted manner!

    Great job on the exercise. Keep up the exercises and you'll be building muscle to burn off fat! :) One day it will seem like it's just melting away! :)

  3. The protein is in the peanut butter sillies! lol

    I TOLD you Brandy that *I* needed to do more protein too!! :)

    ALSO.......You BOTH need to remember (I am teasing here) that I told you ALL that I am running out of my good groceries and I am NOT spending anymore money until SATURDAY! I want to use what I have.I woudl have MUCH rather had a huge salad with chicken yesterday! lol

    I am having fun planning my meals though and looking really forward to Saturday!!!

    For now,I will just eat what I have and try to make it as bakanced as possible! :)

  4. :) You KNOW I was just giving you a hard time. :)

    I'll be nice until Monday... then... NO MERCY!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I totally get it when you have to make do with what you have. It's tough to always eat the best when the budget doesn't quite stretch that far. That's when we choose what is best from what we have. Good job!