Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good bye junk creamer.

I have always been passionate about using my real cream for my coffee.I LOVED it! I would always look at the fake creamers in the store and remember my online friends raving about them.....I would think "Should I just get some once?" The flavors sounded soooooooooooooo good and inviting! I always said "NO!" though.......

Until one day..........and that led to me using it in my coffee for the last few months.I drink VERY little coffee.Like,one cup a day.I just wasn't feeling the passion that I used to about my real cream,UNTIL the last few weeks!

I am making my own flavored creamer out of my REAL cream.......My good RAW cream.

Anyhow,thats all! :)


  1. Good to hear this! :) I had considered making more of the "Hot Vanilla" Zekel made me for Christmas because it was very yummy! But then I thought of the poison creamer and decided not to. I just don't want that "junk" in my body. You'll have to figure out some favorite "recipes" for your "REAL" cream-er... and then share with all of us! :)

  2. On second thought... I know how "good" you are at sharing recipes.... Bwah Ha Ha Ha! Okay... I'll behave. :) (Personal Joke!) *wink*

  3. I normally drink my decaf black, but have started adding in a bit of milk or cream lately to help with the horrible heartburn I get from it. (should just give it up, huh? But, I'm a Pot A Day kinda gal. ;) )

    Looking forward to that recipe. I've been trying to get my husband off the cream and sugar for years. Victory on the sugar (yay!) but he's still buying the fake cream by the jug. Blech.