Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I did good/bad yesterday.Monday nights are children "date nights" .We have a different child up late with us each Monday night and we always have some sort of treat.

Breakfast-1 slice quiche/1 green smoothie
Snack-1 square of chocolate
Lunch-1.5 cups pinto beans with cheese/sour cream
Snack-coffee with 3 squares of chocolate with my honey
Supper-Large salad with tons of vegies/sunflower seeds/cheese/chicken
Snack-Small/fastbreak milk shake
Snack-Muffin with Nutella
Snack-Spoonful of Nutella

Yeah lol

The good thing is,believe it or not,that is NOTHING for sugar intake compared to what I could eat and probably for most days in my life HAVE eaten!

Bad thing is that I ate more sugar calories than I had available in my folder.That is such a bummer to me BUT I am going to eat no sugar today and tomorrow to make up for it.I did have a small bite of Nutella while packing Scott's lunch this morning but thats it.

I did walk 4 miles yesterday and then stretched for 10 minutes and I did get lots of water in.I did not keep track though.I need to get back to doing that.

Do I consider yesterday a failure? No........But I KNOW I can't have many days like that or I will get NOWHERE.

Today I am doing great......

Breakfast was 1 slice of quiche
Snack was 1/4 cup beans with 1 cube cheese
Lunch was steamed cabbage with butter
Supper will be meatloaf/mashed potatoes/salad/green beans/mac and cheese (hm)I will be eating lots of salad/beans-1 piece of meatloaf and a sm amount of mashed potatoes and mc cheese.

I danced 15 min (and fit 100 squats in that time too) and walked 1 mile so far today.I plan on walking 2-3 more miles.

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  1. What is Nutella? Is it some kind of peanut butter or something? (I know, call me dense.)

    You are right... likely not as much sugar as you used to eat. If you feel you can do better- decide to (which you've done) and work toward that today, and the days following. You'll get there. I am glad you aren't getting discouraged. Keep up the faithful work! :)