Monday, January 30, 2012

My first pre-supper

It is loaded with flax,chai seed,cranberries,kale,apples,a little coconut oil and oj concentrate.......

Not bad at all!

I am off now to walk my next 5 miles!


  1. So how much does that make to drink? Do you drink it all? It looks like A LOT! Maybe it isn't... but it sure LOOKS that way.

  2. It was alot........The girls had said they wanted some though so that was why I made so much.I ended up drinking a full pint after sharing with everyone.....It wasn't bad at all.....I am SOOOOO motivated with this...I can't even tell you.I felt great all day,never hungry and I ate sooooooooo many nutrition LOADED things!

  3. :) Okay, makes sense. I just knew that if *I* drank that much, I'd have NO ROOM for ANYTHING for the next 24 hours. LOL! I am praying that since you are doing this "lightly" you won't have the come-off that many experience... as that can be AWFUL!