Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yesterday's food log...........

Breakfast-Vegies and 2 eggs with cheese-1 piece of toast
Lunch-3 eggs and 2 toast (I tell you,I was starving for some reason)
Supper-baked potato with bbq pork/cheese/sour cream

Water-I got all of my water in
Exercise-10.5 miles

I was actually down a teeny bit further today in weight.129.4 NOT a big loss by any means but better than nothing.Funny thing is that last night for dessert and Vashti's night I had a DrPepper,A king sized Recess and some cheetos.

I wanted to share an exercise method that I am going to try out! :) I do not agree with everything this guy says but I think this sounds worth a try! I do not have any machines and I can't rub outside so my husband showed me how to run inside like they used to do in wrestling.It is running in place but it is super fast and hard.


My newest exercise plan lol........

Mon-Walk 10 miles (Every Mon night is a different child's night with us so this will help make up for xtra calories.We almost always let them pick out something "store bought".)

Tuesday-Peak 8 (It only takes 20 minutes so even though it is super hard,it atleast has the perk of making my exercise time less on the days I do it.)

Wednesday-30 minutes of dancing (regular or zumba) and 30 min strength training.

Thursday-1 hr of whatever we want to do.(Will usually be some kind of dvd etc.)

Friday-Peak 8

Saturday-30 minutes strength training


We will see how that goes! :):)

I am going to be fitting more coconut oil in our diets again......Amazing stuff for so many things!

I thought this was very interesting.....


Then of course there are these recipes........I have made them many times and they are fantastic!!!!!!!!



I am keeping on..........! :):)


  1. When I am eating healthier I find that I need to eat ALOT more food or I am starving! I eat alot. I have been using coconut oil again also. I am amazed at its benefits. I had a cut on my gums that would not heal and I put coconut oil on it and it felt better over night! Plus the fact that it taste amazing. Those recipes sound wonderful.

  2. We use coconut oil for many different things. (Both internal AND external!) That stuff is AMAZING!

    I had to get a kick out of this part of the article you quoted... (exerpts)

    " Get a good night's sleep...

    Avoid sugar, especially fructose...

    The last part is absolutely crucial."

    Two things you struggled with. So... this is obviously a good program for you! :)

    Sounds like the new exercise "routine" will keep things from getting stale. I look forward to seeing how you do with it. :)

  3. Thanks for the link on the coconut oil. I've started researching it more now. Can you tell me if it actually *tastes* like coconut? I DETEST the taste and smell of regular coconut and probably that (and the cost) have always shied me away from trying it. Can I find the virgin coconut oil in the regular grocery stores just to try it out or am I looking at having to order it?