Monday, January 30, 2012

Oh and I forgot..........

Saturday I did ok...........I ate plenty of junk food but I didn't eat TONS and it is my free day so I am ok with that! I did eat a healthy supper though (Sauteed chicken/cauliflower/ham wraps) and drank lots of water!

I forget everything I ate but I really want to keep track from now on........I just keep forgetting!

Sunday I did good........

Breakfast -1 muffin and side pork.
Snack-1 muffin with Nuttella
Supper-Curried chicken with rice/pineapple/bananas/peanuts (grose)
Dessert-Small milk shake and candy bar

I didn't want the milk shake but Abigail surprised me with it.
Scott wanted me to get something for our date night.I got DARK chocolate though and didn't finish it all!

No tea..........No exercise

That was my weekend!

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