Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday noon......:):)


This morning I woke up to pack Scott's lunch and there were the delicious lemon bars left over from last night.

What I have always done? Eat a few of them while I pack his lunch.
What I did today? Didn't TOUCH them! It was CRAZY how bad I wanted some.That in itsself made me say "NO" just to practice self control! I had the calories to be able to eat some but I asked myself these questions.

"Is this the right choice?" NO
"Is this the way I want to start my day?" NO
"Do I really want to use my calories NOW?" NO

It would have been a bad decision so I didn't do it.

A few minutes ago I was giving a few of the children who hadn't had any yet a small piece of lemon bar.I was practically drooling.It was like my hand HAD to reach down and eat some! I could taste the flavor,feel the chewy,sugary,texture.......I decide to eat some,then I decided not to,I decided to take just one bite...I had to have just one bite......Then I decided NOT TO *just* because of how hard of a decision it was! I WILL have some self control people! lol

I divided it all up and didn't take one bite.I didn't even want to lick my fingers but I did because I didn't feel like getting up and washing my hands because I just got done working out! lol

So far today my water is great,tea is made,1 hour of workout done,excellent breakfast and I am getting ready to eat a big salad.I will update with my food journal later.

OH! I did have a small cup of cappuccino this morning.Vashti woke up with me at 5:00 all on her own and wanted to have a cup with me.I didn't even want one but we almost never have capp mix and I didn't want to turn down that time with her.

Was it a good decision? YES!
Do I regret it? Not at all!
I didn't drink it because I "just couldn't help myself" but I drank it because I thought it was a good decision...

Oh and Stacy M I am weighing every day.I may not update HERE every day but I am weighing every day.


  1. Way To Go! I *KNOW* how it feels to have made that accomplishment. (And I *know* how much you love sweets!) Big hardy pat on the back to you this afternoon! :)

  2. Way to go! I know how hard it is!!

    I did splurge today and I drank a couple glasses of chocolate milk... otherwise, no sweets.

  3. Angie, I could *feel* your battle with those lemon bars. Feel it because I've been there. Isn't it crazy that a little blob of sugar can consume our thoughts like that? Praise the Lord that He helped you win that victory. He who is faithful in the little things will one day be given more. Keep being faithful in those little battles and you will be amazed at the big things God has in store for you!

  4. I really, really hear you on the lemon bar thing. GOOD JOB, MAMA!!

    Your view on the decisions you made is terrific! That special time with Vashti outweighs the (whatever) cost of the cappuccino by far.

    How can you weigh in every day? LOL I would be soooooo disappointed. LOL