Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello fellow weight loss Mammas!!!

Doing fabs today (as my children and husband would say lol)!!!!

My total food from yesterday was......

Breakfast-Sm capp,green smothie and 1 piece of pb toast (hm bread)
Lunch-Large salad with sunflower seeds/cheese with cottage cheese/garlic dressing and 1 SM piece of toast
Snack- One 1" square of lemon bar (this was later in the afternoon.....after both of my lemon bar battles lol)
Supper-Salad,leftover pork roast/potatoes etc.,1 SMALL piece of garlic toast
Dessert-1 very small mini angelfood cake that Vashti made with brown sugar/cream cheese frosting (not much)

Water-Got all of it down! 72 oz plus 16 oz nettle/mint tea.I was drinking 4 water bottles(24 oz each) full of water and one of tea but I changed my mind and decided to cut it back to 3 water bottles.It is just too much water for me.I am big on paying attention to your body and I don't care what "studies" show,I do not believe that the Lord  intended for me to drink so much water that I have to be racing to the bathroom all of the time with my pee completely clear.We will see how I do on this amount of water/tea.

Exercise-1 hour yesterday.Kickboxing,walking,dancing etc.

Sleep-I went to bed BEFORE 10:00 last night! CRAZY lol I had to get up at 5:00.I got SEVEN hours of sleep.The crazy thing was that I woke up absolutely exhausted! Weird for me.......


Breakfast-1 egg/1/2 cup broccoli with a little bit of cheese and 1/2 piece of toast with butter

Lunch- 1 SMALL piece of hm coffee cake with peanutbutter,1/2 cup cottage cheese,1 boiled egg and 2 orange slices.

Exercise.....I walked five fast miles and stretched for 15 min.

~~~~~~~~ Thoughts~~~~~~~~~

I am super motivated.For some reason,lately I have been thinking ALOT about my health in my old age.I look around me and I do NOT like what I see.I do NOT believe that old age should be bringing the diseases and misery that we see everywhere.What we do NOW ladies is going to make a difference in our health as Grandmas!

I have been thinking about the burden I could be to my children if I don't take care of my health.

I have been thinking along these lines......

What if there were no dentists?
What if there were no hospitals?
What if there were no medications?

I mean imagine if false teeth were not an option and cavities could not be filled? Now,I hope with all of my heart that I do not have to have false teeth someday but let me tell you,we would take a WHOLE lot more care of our teeth if we could not go get the decay drilled out and then eventually a brand new set of teeth etc.

No hospitals or medications?

What about no government help?

Our society is one of no consequence for our actions.We can eat frozen burritos/McDonalds and pop and then when we get diabetes/cancer etc. we can get a disability check......We can still get the medical care that we can't pay for because we can't work (because we are disabled).Then finally,we can go to the nursing home.Even if we can't pay for it.(Nevermind my feelings about nursing homes.)

What if none of that were possible?

I just get so sick of all of the irresponsibility.

I do not want to be a burden to my children OR society because I lacked the self control to take care of myself.Sure,no matter HOW perfect we ate/lived there would still be medical problems/disease but, if I got sick after knowing that I truly did take care of myself ,I would not feel guilty.

If I start having health problems because I lack the self control to not eat to much sugar,white flour,junk food and because I am too lazy to exercise/be active etc. etc. that is MY fault!

I am so serious about this.It churns my stomach to imagine being like the majority of old people I see.Pumped full of medication,inactive,and overweight.

My Grandpa is over 70,is on no government help,still works to take care of himself 100%(no retirement),still cuts his own wood,gardens etc..He has never been on any medications.He looks great and everyone thinks he is my dad.

If the Lord chooses me to have an illness for HIS glory then HIS WILL BE DONE.

BUT it will NOT be because I am choosing NOT to take care of myself.

With HIS help I KNOW I will be successful this time.

~~~~~~~More thoughts.......Different topic lol~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wanna agree on a weigh in day? I was going to weigh every day but I am done with that.It is tooooooo discouraging lol.PLUS I think weigh in day is such a day to look forward to! Especially if we all did it together! I really do not care what day it is as long as it is the same day every week.We could vote? I think it would be so fun! We could even meet up on chat or something for a special meeting every week!?Skype chat? FB? MOMYS? That would be SO fun!!

Also,my new train of thought is this........No matter how much weight I am or am not losing,every day my body is healthier and working better.After being abused for so many years it may take a little bit to really start dropping the weight.I will not let the numbers on the scale discourage me.I will just keep adjusting my plan and being patient until I AM losing.I mean,I can't say it isn't about the weight because it is.The weight HAS to go, lol but I believe 100% that it will if I keep this up.I am changing major habits here.

I think thats it for now.I need to do supper and have a snack.I am hungry.Bye for now!!

Oh and I SOOOO wanted to eat a few pieces of coffee cake at lunch today!!! Instead I ate one very SMALL piece! :):):)


  1. Keep up the good work, Angie! The first couple weeks are the hardest then it becomes routine. I quickly found out that denying myself any goodies just resulting in quitting totally. I'm trying to lose 20lbs. You may have seen my momys posts. My 'diet' plan is if I want to weigh what I used to weigh, I need to eat and move like I used to eat and move. So, I come to each meal with that in mind. Plus, started doing 1 mile per day on the treadmill but I'm up to 4.3 miles per day now. I don't have a blog, but I'm right here with ya! Let me know your weigh in day and I'll participate.
    AmandaB from momys

  2. A weigh in day sounds perfect Angie! I dont care what day it is. How are you liking kickboxing? That and Tae Bo are my all time favorite. I just posted about getting old on my blog too. You seem so much more motivated then last year. Not that you didn't do good last year. Please come visit me on my blog I am lonely over there :(

  3. GOOD JOB!! I am SOOO proud of you!!
    I totally understand and agree about treating our bodies as if we cant jsut run to the doctor!

    I love the idea about weigh in! Any day works for me!!

    Love all you ladies!!!!

  4. Great work on your day, Angie. Keep that momentum going! I have no input on a weigh-in day. I'm out of the running on that for a few months yet. ;)

  5. You are doing great, Angie! Off to such a motivated start! I can totally relate to your lemon bar tasting story...when I first start getting myself off sugar that is EXACTLY the type of battles I fight too! :) YOU CAN DO IT!!! :)

  6. I'm only weighing once a week so choose a day and I'm in! I was planning on Monday, but it really doesn't matter to me!

  7. I was using Monday too but it doesn't matter to me. :)

  8. Monday sounds like a good day to me! :) I was going to use Friday, but if most are already using Monday, then that is good. Although, on the weekend, I'll allow myself a little sweets, but I'll be careful!!

    keep up the good work!!

  9. I won't be joining the weigh-ins. Not because I wouldn't love to... but I have decided to follow the Thin-Within programs recommendation to NOT weigh in and worry about the weight... for now. I'll be checking it now and again, but not weekly. In fact, I packed away the scale yesterday so it wouldn't be so accessible.

    Hope you all enjoy your Monday weigh-ins. I'll be cheering you on! :)