Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good morning!

I usually don't get on during weekday mornings because I  don't; turn my computer on until afternoon but this morning I needed to have it on for something so thought I would update and say that........

I am REALLY having a hard time getting back on it when I am in the middle of the week!!!!I told you that I like to start things on MONDAYS! lol AND I feel that I DID lose ground by having some time off.I didn't go all the way OFF but I still feel like I went BACK a few steps.I did not weight myself.....

Ok.....I just did and it is just what I thought.I am up a few pounds.SO DEPRESSING.Oh well......This is usually where I get discouraged and just quit but I can't do that.I am just going to go back at it TODAY.It is a new day,even if it is not a new week.Hopefully I can have things going in the right direction again by NEXT MONDAY instead of REALLY feeling like a failure on Monday.

I am getting really TIRED of not seeing the scales go down.

This morning I am going to have for.....

Breakfast......Green smoothie with cottage cheese (protein)

Lunch-salad (already made)

Supper-Soup/salad/bread (NOT much bread)

Maybe I will have a SMALL treat tonight during our "date" :) bu I am going to have NO sweets all day today.NOTHING more than what I said here except I may have a snack (apple and pbutter) if I get hungry between meals.

I plan on exercising too AND geting all of my water in!

Off for now!

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  1. Don't be discouraged Angie!!! I know you can do it!