Monday, January 9, 2012

OK :) *whew*

Pork roast,gravy,salad,green beans,mashed potaoes,saurkraut and hm dinner roll! All hot and ready for when Scott gets here! I can't wait to eat lol.Of course,I will be loading up on vegies/meat and taking it easy on the rolls/potatoes.


Breakfast-2 morning glory muffins (carrots/apples/oats in them)
Snack- a few jo jo's and couple of pieces of chicken left over from date night
Lunch-1 muffin and hm veg soup with cottage cheese
Supper-1 baked potato with sausage adn large salad
Dessert-Hot chocolate

Water- I didn't get it all in bu I did drink alot
Tea- none
Exercise-none (Sunday is my free from exercise day)


Breakfast-1 sm oatmeal chocolate chip muffin (I wanted to eat sooooo many more they were so good!) 1 piece of sausage

Lunch-popcorn and then when I got home this afternoon I drank the smoothie that was supposed to be for lunch! Cottage cheese/sm amount of oj concentrate/fresh(locally grown!) cranberries/apples(with seeds) and several spinache leaves PLUS :) dried bilberry and hawthorn.

Supper will be excellent!!!! I will not overeat....No problems in that area.It will be no struggle at ALL for me to eat lots of salad/vegies.While I LOVE carbs I also LOVE vegies....LOVE them.

Dessert-It is Abigails night tonight and we will be having cappuccino and lemon bars.I will make sure that I do not go over my sugar calorie limit! 1 cup capp and 1 sm lemon bar.

Water- I will not get it all in today but I got alot in and will continue to do so.
Exercise-3 miles/15 min dancing and 5-10 stretching
Sleep-I got GREAT sleep last night!

Now..............What I have been thinking about.

In the past I never felt the need to make this a spiritual thing.I just didn't.It is hitting me lately that apparently I need some help.I do believe 100% that the Lord will help me with this if I seek his help.Apparently I DO need HIS help as I have not been successful on my own! It isn't just that I want  to be thin to look good either.I want to take care of and be thankful for the health/body that he has given me.I want  to be a good example of self control! I most definitely don't want to be a good example of someone who lacks self control! I hate that !

I have always told Scott that I just want to live the way I KNOW is right.If I were ignorant that would be different.I am not though.I know how to live and eat healthy.It is one of my passions! I am such a bad example though!

I hate that I make so many goals and quit.

If I get cancer I want to know that it isn't because I didn't take care of myself kwim?

I do not want to have regrets over  how I lived my life.I don't mean perfection here.I just mean EFFORT.DO what is right for my family and myself.Grace put it well.....Beautiful disciplines.I want to be disciplined! I want to have self control.

I am really,seriously going to be going to the Lord for help this time.DAILY.

I am very excited!!

Oh and guess what !? The scales said 229.8 this morning! lol Hey,better than 230! I hope to never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever see those numbers again!!!!

I am very encouraged tonight!


  1. So great to see the Lord at work in your heart, Angie. May you continue to see Him at work in this journey. He uses all of our weaknesses for His glory. It's an amazing privilege to think He desires to use our struggles to exalt Himself to us and those around us. Be blessed and press on in HIS strength!!

  2. Angie, I am so glad that you ended the day encouraged! Woohoo! ANY drop in the scale is great!

  3. You and I are thinking along the same lines!! :) I just posted something sort of similar last night. :D

    With God all things are possible

  4. Very encouraging post! I find it amazing at how many of us are realizing that the Lord needs to be in it, in order for it to be successful. I don't want the glory... I want Him to have the Glory... and because I want to glorify Him- I will work to be more consistent and leave the rest to His working.

    :) It feels great to have you, and others on the same path! This journey is just getting started...and it looks like it's going to be a GREAT one!