Monday, January 30, 2012


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That was my breakfast this morning.After watching "Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead" and thinking all weekend I decided to replace every breakfast with vegetable/fruit juice.I may not be able to go on a juice fast (because of breastfeeding) but I can do this.

Everyone talks about how it isn't about weight etc.,but about health. I agree with that *sort of*.For me,it is about health 100% BUT that has part to do with my weight.I am in the middle of my child bearing years and if I do what I usually do,I will go straight from nursing to another pregnancy.Weight DOES matter.This weight needs to be gone and I don't have TIME for it to come off 1 lb a month.I just dont.My baby is 4months old.I have 8 more months until I will probably be pregnant,*if that*.

I have been trying to follow the Schwarzbein Principle which I VERY MUCH believe in! There is one thing about it though.She mentions *alot* how it might take months to start losing and alot of the stories I have read,it did take people months,even years.I don't have that time.

After watching "Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead",I am motivated to make juicing a part of my life to some degree.I would *love* to go on a juice fast but I am not entirely comfortable doing it while breastfeeding.I do not believe that a mother could not fast while breastfeeding.Everyone cautions you about doing it because they say toxins get into breastmilk etc.That may be true, but I am doubtful.The body is *always* detoxing and I don't believe that the Lord designed breastmilk to be a place where those toxins are dumped...........or atleast if they *do* get into the milk,they may not hurt the baby,or *something*! Now these are just my opinions and I am not asking anyone to believe them.*I* don't even have the guts to believe them all the way, but I do know that the Lord has designed certain parts of the body to filter and eliminate toxins.Kidneys,bowels,lungs,liver and skin.......I know that it is *very* important to keep these organs of elimination open and moving freely so that the body CAN get rid of the toxins.The more toxins you are dumping,the more important it is to have them working well.I have a gut feeling that a healthy person like myself could go on a fast,detox and keep my organs of elimination open enough that minimal toxins get into my breastmilk.Now I could see if someone were overloaded with cancer or something.....I could see massive amounts of toxins just spilling into *everything*,including breastmilk etc.but like I said,being as healthy as I am,I am not worried about that.

BUT.............I am not positive and I could be wrong so I am not going to be attempting to go on a full juice fast..I am going to be mildly detoxing though, by drinking nothing but vegetable/fruit juice until noon everyday.I am going to see how it goes anyhow.Maybe after 3 days or a week I will come back and say that it is not going to work because of xyz.I will be listening to my body,watching my baby etc. and seeing what happens.

I have heard so many times that you shouldn't make any changes that you won't keep up.........You should not diet etc. but instead,make changes that you can keep for life. and I agree with that.

I also believe that there is a time for detoxing your body.(Especially if you have abused your body) I have *always* believed  in fasting for cleansing, AND for curing diseases.

My plan right now is to cut calories and really concentrate on mild cleansing to get healthy and lose weight.I do not want to lose a drastic amount a week but 1 lb a month is not getting it either.I just don't have TIME to do it the slow way.When I am down to what I want to be, I will go back to eating the way I think is healthy for *long term*.(Alot like the Schwarzbein Principle promotes.)For now I am viewing this as a sort of cleanse/fast.For temporary......

My plan..........

Breakfast is just juice.............
Lunches are going to be lots of salad/some protein/fat.
Supper will be whatever we are having but I will be watching my portions and I will also be drinking a smoothie 1/2 hour before supper that is loaded with flax/chai seed/fruits/vegies.
I may snack if I want too but I will really be concentrating on health.I will also have desserts occasionally and still have my Saturday free day.Exercise will stay the same.I will be drinking lots of herb teas/water etc.

So there you go!

5 miles done today.........5 more to go! Today is my 10 mile day! :):)


  1. Angie, I think your new plan is GREAT! I have a similar thing I did before I had lost all that weight between my two girls. It was with Donna Partow's plan. It's not exactly juicing, but it *is* detoxing and it has to do with veggies/fruit. In her plan, you being with a "fast" (lemon or cranberry water only) but then slowly add in VEGETABLES for your diet. Eventually you add in citric fruits then eggs, then other easily digestible proteins... and keep breads to a minimum.

    It is a way to gently detox your body. And several times I've thought about doing it again... but then all those MOMYS who say you should never detox start to scare me. But at the same time, I tend to believe EXACTLY like you posted. I doubt the Lord made the "perfect food" for our babies to be able to turn harmful... but then... I think about how medicines get into breastmilk, too. I just don't know.

    If nothing else, you've piqued my thoughts toward considering the gentle cleanse again. I DREAD the come-off though. I got the shakes and got SO sick... but I hadn't been eating as healthy before when I did it as I have been now... so who knows. Might not be as bad. (Even NOW I still add hot lemon water often to help detox... it's supposed to be very beneficial for that!)

    I *DO* know that I felt INCREDIBLE after I was on the program for a week... even 4 days later made a HUGE difference for me.

    I hope your plan works for you. I'm here to cheer you on! :)

    1. awwwww Brandy that makes my day! I was sure that you were going to caution me against it or something! lol

      I am soooooooo excited about this......!!!!!!!! Thank you for your encouragement!!!!!!

  2. Boy, I sure hope you see the results you're looking for. There's no way *I* could get that down every morning. *shutter*

  3. I knew you were going to like that movie! I am going to do this with you! My juicer broke last week right after I watched this movie so until I get a new one I will be eating soups and drinking smoothies in the morning. I will post on my blog what I are each day. I love what I am reading about Chai. Digestion is one of the areas that my body needs help with. Where do you get your Chai?
    You are working so hard to make changes in your life Angie!

  4. The above post is from me....Heather! :) I dont know why it published Anonymous

  5. Angie, you a doing sooo good! I will update later, I know ive been horrible about thst.

  6. This EXACTLY what I was thinking of doing tonight. I am not going to juice, I don't have a juicer (yet) but I am going to do a smoothie for breakfast and then a light lunch and dinner with the family. (a great idea to have the smoothie before dinner though too just to help).... GREAT IDEA...

    I too am I will do with caution....