Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday.....Weigh in day.......Thumbs down.

 I lost a whopping 1/2 of a pound.

I am like a pendulum going back and forth about my weighing in's.Obviously,it is all opinion.Some say that you should NEVER look at a scale,some say once a month,some say once a week and some say every day!

I am not sure I like weighing in RIGHT after a weekend.I think it discourages me.

I think I am simply going to weigh every day.Thats the way I like it.I will also be able to see what makes my weight go up and what makes it down.So there! Heather,you are the one who gave me the final shove when I read that you weighed every day! lol I personally just look So forward to stepping on the scale in the mornings! lol

Truthfully,I WAS discouraged today when I stood on the scale! I WANT TO SEE THE NUMBERS DROP! Will I *EVER* see them drop????? I know I will but I am getting a little bit impatient! lol

I think I am going to tweak a few things.

1.Saturdays..........I am not going to view them as a free DAY anymore although I am going to be a bit more liberal with what I eat if I want to.I mean,if we have something with more sugar in it than usual for breakfast,I will eat a LITTLE but still make sure the day is healthy.Once we start date night I am free completely.I want to keep a food journal for the whole day too until date night starts.

2.I want to fit ONE workout in during the weekend instead of having the whole weekend off.

If I don't have a good loss this week I am going to be cutting back my sugar calories even more.

I did excellent Sunday except for 6 cookies that I ate throughout Sunday night lol.Actually,I do not feel bad about them because they were in my limit.It gives me less for the rest of the week but thats fine.I only regret it because I ate them RIGHT before weigh in day!

Sunday's food

Breakfast-Large green smoothie with a small piece of chicken

Lunch- Small amount of chicken alfredo

Supper-Large salad (3 different kinds of lettuce,purple cabbage,red peppers,cauliflower,brocolli)with some cheese and sunflower seeds.

Dessert-Cookies (no white flour in them flour at all and they are loaded with oats)

Lots of water but I didn't measure.....

I feel like eating chocolate today and pouting.I am not going back to that though.I KNOW that my body benefitted by all of the good choices last week.I did excellent.

I WILL do what it takes to lose this weight!

I have done good today although I have NOT worked out today because I have been talking to Scott alot AND I DON'T feel like it! I have had NO motivation ever since I stepped on the scales this morning......

It has taken me most of the day to write this post lol because I keep talking to Scott! :):) (Welcome interuption to my day!)

I am feeling better now.It is 1:30 and I am going to go walk 5 fast miles with Leslie Sansone! :) Like I said above,I will just keep making whatever changes I need to make until my weight DOES start dropping!


  1. 1/2 pound is GOOD! Don't feel too discouraged! With Titus taking so much out of you you need to take the weight loss kind of slow.

    The way you described is how I treat my weekends. Saturday is not free, but definitely more relaxed. Date night is free. :) I want to try to get a workout in on Sat. but if I don't I try not to stress. Sunday - I don't workout and I don't stress about food though I do try to eat healthy...I just don't strictly avoid sweets or seconds on Sunday.

    1. Oh Angie, don't get discouraged. Discouragement is a tool of the devil. The weight WILL come off if you keep trying. The first two weeks of exercising religiously, I GAINED 3 pounds. But as of Saturday, I've lost 4 pounds so now we're going in the right direction. So really, I'm only down 1 pound from where I started nearly 3 weeks ago. But, I do feel my stamina growing with the exercise. My digestive system seems to be working more efficiently... tmi, lol. And my dh is starting to feel guilty for not exercising with me. See! Farther reaching effects than I thought! I like to weigh myself everyday as well.
      Don't GIVE UP... and go get on that treadmill. I'll be doing my second half of Treadmill Time here in a few minutes so we'll be doing it together! Remember, you are also setting a good example for your children! Don't let them see you quit!! AmandaB from momys

  2. I can relate to what you are saying Angie! I do weigh everyday like you mentioned and its for the same reason you said. I like to see what effects me on the scale and what doesn't. I also agree that weighing after a weekend is discouraging. I know I have mentioned this lots of times but I am not pleased with the amount of weight I loose unless I am very very active and very strict on my diet. You can do this Angie! I love seeing how there are things you are going to change to increase your weight loss! Its so hard not to be discouraged BUT I know its in you to turn it around!

  3. Don't be discouraged! I know it's hard though. I lost a half a pound too this week. :) The nice thing about weighing daily and journaling is that you CAN see how food affects you. Keep track of your mood too, food and mood are so connected.

    So go eat something good, and I hope you enjoyed your walk!


  4. p.s. The "Fun, Sneaky Ways to lose weight" that I posted are all easy things you can do to help your metabolism. I thought there were some good tips from the "" woman.


  5. (((HUGS))) That's all I've got to (not) say.

  6. 1/2 pound is good!!! At least I feel that any downward direction of the scale is a GOOD thing. Just pick yourself up and keep going. Don't let not meeting your own expectations get you down. Remember the Lord is ultimately in control and for whatever reason 1/2 is what He gave you. So rejoice anyway.

    That's your pep talk, and here is your (((HUG))). I totally understand your discouragement. -Dee

  7. Thank you all!! I love having all of the encouragment here!

    I looked at those tips Cathy! Thanks!

    Amanda do NOT worry! I most definitely will not be giving up.That isn't one of my options!

    I WILL find what makes those scale numbers start to go down.I don't care if I have to give up sugar entirely!I don't think I will have to do that but if that is what it took.......I would do it.This weight IS coming off.