Thursday, January 26, 2012


I just wanted to make SURE you saw my reply to your comment! lol


I have already started your diapers.......Even though my other order is not finished.I will NOT be taking forever to get your diapers sent out......Do you know WHY? Because everytime I turn around Scott is asking me if I got your diapers done yet.He REALLY wants you to have those diapers and SOON.

Anyhow,when I send them,I am going to send your recipes,Georgie and other things lol.

You mark my word!!!!!!! You will NOT be waiting forever for this stuff! OH! and your dvd's too!! :):):)


  1. LOL! Hey, no problem Angie. I am just SO GRATEFUL to get diapers! I cannot tell you how thrilled and excited I am. I keep praying that Silas doesn't get any fatter before we get some! LOL! I've got only so many sposies left. Of course, we wouldn't be hard put to buy more... but I'm getting him squished into the prefolds for as long as I can... literally... because I don't WANT to buy disposables. Who likes PAPER and chemicals against their baby? (I *do* have toddler sized prefolds... but those would just look SO WRONG! LOL!) Really, I don't mind when I get them. Get the paid order done first! :) Like I said, I'll be GRATEFUL and thrilled whenever they get here! Don't fret!

    Jared is buying a priority box for me TODAY so I can get stuff for you packaged up. I'll be sending Tina the Love and Respect stuff out tomorrow, too! :)

    And I hope you know- I was just being a stinker about the recipes! I just put the blue book with my recipes yesterday, so it was front and center on my thoughts! :) Whenever they get done, they do! Don't rob time from other things (or people!) just to get it done!

  2. Oh, Angie??????? Are you going to UPDATE today? You aren't hiding are you? Waiting for you... You are one of the faithful ones I depend on to have something for me to read DAILY! (LOL!)